Real estate agent safety Top 10 tips


  1. Careful with Personal Info: Don’t advertise your home address. If possible, use another mobile number to separate business and personal calls.
  2. Verify Customer Info: Ask for identification, address, and references from people before a viewing. Require a signature and phone number even at Open Houses.
  3. Enlist a Co-Worker: Whenever possible, have someone from your office join you for private viewings.
  4. Announce your showings: If you can’t have someone tag along, make sure at least a couple of people know your location and expected return time before a viewing.
  5. Scout Locations early: Check out neighbourhoods before you meet someone there to ensure you’re familiar with the area.
  6. Keep Phone in Hand: Keep your phone in hand with an emergency contact on speed dial.
  7. Keep Customer  in Sight: Walk behind clients. It lets them feel ownership over the potential buy and allows you to keep a safe distance.
  8. Pay attention to Exits: Know where the exits to the house and neighbourhood are. Keep doors unlocked during viewings.
  9. Take a Self-defense Class: Go the extra mile by taking a class that will prepare you for any potential dangers.
  10. Trust your Gut: If you’re uneasy about a situation, see your way out of it. Don’t worry about upsetting the customer.
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One of the best view of KLCC – Binjai on the Park

20161028_095449.jpgOne of the best views of KLCC from the balcony and master bedroom is here with me! The panoramic image above captured from the unit is absolutely gorgeous and it would be marvelous come new year! Let me know if this is what you’re looking for.

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Central Perk in Singapore and the $1,000 membership fee a year


Hi Guys,

It’s confirmed! The OFFICIAL Central Perk Cafe is coming to Singapore, to bring you the most authentic F.R.I.E.N.D.S experience.

We are now launching our Membership Sales.
At $1,000 a year, Central Perk SG members will enjoy the following benefits:

• Priority queue, (bring in up to 5 guests at once)
• Table reservations (Includes the highly anticipated Central Perk couch, reservations are a members’ only privilege)
• Event bookings (Birthdays, Wedding shoots,etc)
• Personalized guest invitations to Central Perk SG events.
• Exclusive Pre-Launch events and tastings at Central Perk for our early batch of members to be the first to enjoy the Central Perk experience.

Membership status officially begins in the year 2017. However, our very first batch of members gets to start enjoying the benefits this December.

We are also in talks with partners to bring more benefits to our members

To get in on the early bird membership perks, drop us a message at this space or write to us at Membership is available while slots last and limited.

We would also like to involve you F.R.I.E.N.D.S. fans in our merchandise planning. If you have any creative inspirations for products, do hit us up and send them in, to You might just get the chance to see your design come to life as an official F.R.I.E.N.D.S themed collectible on our memorabilia corner

We have finished our first wave of hires and orientation day!
The response has been overwhelming and we apologize we are not able to get back to every single applicant. We have just a few more slots available and will be conducting an open call interview on the 28th (Friday) and 29th (Sat) October 11am to 6pm at 1 Magazine road Central mall #01-06.

If you are interested in joining the Central Perk family. Come on down.
(We have used up our Spass quota for now and only have slots for locals, foreigners on dependent pass and foreigners who qualify for work permit.)

For membership inquiries, drop us an email at!

For music and design-related inquiries drop us an email at today!


Have a look at Lumi Tropicana

Inspired by design. Built with quality. Crafted for lifestyle. That’s the tagline from Thriven Global Berhad’s latest offering, Lumi Tropicana. Lumi Tropicana (one of Lumi Collections), sits in one of Klang Valley’s most sought after neighborhoods – Tropicana Petaling Jaya. Me and Darryl were at their gallery in Jalan Semangat PJ for a quick tour to understand more about the project. Thanks to MayC for showing us around.

    On a snapshot, Lumi Tropicana is home to:

  • 744 stylish residences, in two to three bedroom configurations, housed in four themed towers featuring hotel-styled concierge and housekeeping services
  • 62 SoHo units for those who desire a ‘work, live, play’ environment
  • A dynamic retail podium featuring cafes, a supermarket, and other leisure amenities

One of the attractions of Lumi Tropicana has to be the Lumi Marketplace – offering a careful selection of F&B outlets and other modern conveniences designed to make you hurry less and savor moments more.  All this, within a 34,000 sqft of indoor retail space and a 62,000 sqft outdoor belt,

  •  Restaurants and cafes
  • Grocery and retail
  • Arts & hobbies
  • Salon

Apart from the day-to-day condo/apartment definition, Lumi Tropicana offers a slightly different approach. There seemed to be 4 impressive towers (we call it blocks), each dedicated to expressing different versions of your lifestyle. They are the Play, Action, Wellness and Business & Lifestyle Towers.  So far we were told that Play and Action Towers would be the first to be operational since it is situated in the first 2 towers (blocks) completing in mid-2019.

We were shown the 2 different units,Type B2 and Type C. These units comes with 2 bay balconies and full balcony respectively. We felt cozy as soon as we stepped into the unit. As  MayC explained the details of the unit, we were already making our way around it eager to find out more about the layout and if this is something we can work on.

The balconies are a nice touch to the living hall and the master bedroom. And for Type C1, the owner gets a full balcony+garden too! This will allow the new owner to have a generous piece of green-patch in front of their home.

One thing that we instantly noticed was that the materials and workmanship standards (we would assume the same for the actual units) were above average for projects under similar category. As Thriven have a whole line up of projects under the Lumi flagship, we are sure they will not cut corners to provide the best to the homeowners.

We will cover more on the units as we get closer to the completion date in 2019.  As of now, we will have another 2 towers to look forward to before the completion.

To wrap things up, we take a look at the SoHo units offered by Lumi. There are 62 units surrounding the towers starting with the Type A Soho @ 753 sqft. These are duplex models with 1 bedroom and 2 bathrooms layout. These units are cool especially for the younger professional start-up entrepreneurs, who wants a more significant space in a slightly luxurious address. Typically for app designers and people like – me! Haha.

Lastly, just a little note on the sky-dining lounge and meeting level. This is a more innovative approach to all the been-there, done-that, business+entertainment areas offered by other comparable condominiums to cater to the more elite personas. Well, concepts & illustrations are, well, concept & illustrations. We anticipate the completion of the project and do look forward to make it part of our listing portfolio.

That’s another brief review of some of the more luxurious and upcoming condominiums in the Klang Valley. Hope to hear from you and have a nice weekend!   A very happy Deepavali to all my Indian friends and family members! ध्यान रखें!


What are some questions for your real estate negotiator?

For fellow negotiators and homeowners alike, this post probably highlights the relationship and impending communication between the client and the negotiators when they need to know what they are getting. For homeowners, when you’re looking for a real estate negotiator, you might want to stick to those licensed by the Board of Valuers, Appraisers and Estate Agents Malaysia, because these negotiators are bound by a formal Code of Ethics. Also, ask trusted people in your community for recommendations. A good negotiator will know and be active in your community; this experience is what helps the negotiator properly price and market your house.


Once you have a list of referrals, meet with each of them and ask them some questions. The questions will help you assess how well they do their business, and the meeting will also help you gauge your personal rapport. First find out about the negotiator’s list-price-to-sales-price ratio. This percentage reflects the difference between what the negotiator usually sells a house for and what the agent originally listed the house as. You want this ratio to be as close to 100% as possible. This means that the negotiator both prices homes accurately and negotiates well to get that price.

Some other questions to ask are:

  • How many homes has the negotiator sold in the last year?
  • How will your home be marketed?
  • How familiar is the negotiator with your community?
  • What can this negotiator do for you that other negotiators can’t?
  • Get a list of references.
  • Does the negotiator help you find the other professionals you’ll need to help sell your home?
  • What guarantees does the negotiator make?
  • What is the negotiator’s policy regarding canceled agreements?
  • How much time will the negotiator spend working on selling your home?

Make sure to review all the paperwork you’ll have to sign with the negotiator, such as contracts, disclosures, and listing agreements. Lastly, you might be able to negotiate the negotiator’s commission, even if you’re told at first you can’t. Definitely, negotiate the sales commission if you’re also planning to use the same negotiator to buy your next house.

For negotiators, the above merely point out that homeowners nowadays are well prepared and informative compared to yesteryears. We have to stay informed and diligent enough to  carry our task and always, be professional about what we do and how we do it. When it comes to handling someone’s property, we have the responsibility to act intelligently and be accountable to what was entrust to us.

Hope the above article helps and prepare us to be a more professional estate negotiator! Cheers!

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A relaxing Sunday with a viewing

It’s almost 4pm and I’m at Bangsar with a viewing. Well, to assist a viewing to be fair. It’s a 12 years old project. The condominium looked as new as it was 12 years ago but with a slightly matured scent. The moment we stepped in the compound, we were greeted by the sound of the pool and artificial water-landscaping. The family liked the place and is not seriously considering the unit. They should not wait as the recent 2017 budget did amend the stamp duty on instruments of transfer  from 3% to 4%. This should weigh well in their decisions to make an offer now before the turn of the new year. Finger crossed for you Ray!.

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3 points is all that matters

Liverpool fought hard to keep West Brom at bay with a 2-1 win at Anfield earlier today. The win placed them 2nd on the league table with goal difference separating them and Arsenal. Sadio Mane scored on the 20th minute while Philippe Coutinho added the second on the 35th minute before Gareth Mcauley of West Brom pulled one back on the 81st from a corner.