Setiakasih bungalow for sale

Hola! It’s weekend and I’m all excited to preview my new listing. Have to leave the gang at home and complete my tasks today. So, let’s hop on the TT and view some homes, shall we?

First stop, we are looking at a good ol’ bungalow from Setiakasih, Bukit Damansara. The bungalow sits in a fairly elevated area and is right at the corner of a more quiet space. From the outside, the design and the settings instantly teleported me back to the 80’s, and that’s not a bad thing. The house is built quadratically and the moment you see it, you’ll know the rooms are huge.

The house comes with a build-up of 7.7k sqft with a 4+1 rooms and 4 bathrooms specs. Oh, and it’s a freehold property!  The owner is looking to sell it as they are moving out of KL and wanted a more laid-back lifestyle. Good for them! Had a quick chat with them and they are the typical nice people you would want to see on a hot Saturday afternoon! I quickly move my way around and started to snap away without wasting more time. Setiakasih.pngThe living hall has this theater feel and according to the owner, the wooden panels and steps along the staircase are German design and made. Good stuff there. Besides having a good huge square of living hall, the dining area is also spacious. Tuck in a few nice cupboards and cabinets, the place is excellent.

The kitchen is as it is with cupboard fittings and a throw-in hood and hob. Change the lights and curtains, it’s a nice little English kitchen. Attached to it is a maid room and a yard for the washing machine and probably a heater or two.

The rooms are squarish as expected and with some new beds and wardrobe cabinets, it’s most comfortable. The bathrooms just needed some scrubbing and fittings perfected. No headache there!

Finally, the exterior. It’s a feeling that had me transported back to a Malay-styled bungalow, where the simple cross-garden at the side with a  delightful tiny pool makes it a children play-space. Even a barbeque session is not an issue.

There you go. Let me know if the above details are enough to make you want to take a look. Location is good, layout is good, price is good… we are good to go. If this doesn’t shake you that much, wait for the next update, we will be looking at a mansion! Stay tuned guys.


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