Country Heights Kajang Mansion

It’s almost 2pm after my earlier preview of another home and had to rush to Country Heights Kajang for another preview. This house is slightly over RM 9M. The owner was there when I reached and after introducing myself, I immediately powered up my trusty Nikon and snaps away. The owner was very soft spoken and I was allowed to wander alone the entire house and do what I needed to.

The land area is huge 20,000 sq ft and the build-up is a massive 23,500 sq ft! I had to start somewhere. The first place that caught my eyes was the room right opposite the kitchen, the A/V room. There were 5 leather seats with additional 2 more at the back of the room facing a huge projector screen. Imagine watching ‘Gravity’ in this room with surround sound.

The next thing is the pool. The semi-indoor pool is located right at the end of the house where there is a patio-like area for guests to enjoy the backyard lake. The view also oversees a few of those nearby mansions.Lot 568.png

The house comes with, wait for it…. 9 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms! Gosh. As I wandered alone all the rooms upstairs and downstairs, I realized that if the new owner came with a new set of furniture, these rooms would be marvelously amazing. The size and layout of the rooms are a safe bet to those who wanted simple and spacious bunks.

There’s nothing much to say about the second floor where most of the rooms are located, but there was one particular area that stood out. There is a room hidden at the back of a large resting place (I would think of it as a lounge area) with a slight American flavor where you see a slanting roof towards the edge, giving the room an ‘atticky’ feel. Haha.

To be honest, the rooms are all huge and I can’t figure out which is the Master bedroom. There was 1 on the second floor with a huge private living hall and a walk-in wardrobe, and another on the top floor with equally impressive space to match.

Finally, made my way back to the ground floor to wrap things up. The lift that serves the 3 levels is also top-notch looking although I did not get to take it. The Bali-style fountain also refreshes the house and made it more serene.

The kitchen was the last place I head to and it is a simple one. At the back, a maid room and backyard stretch the kitchen and for awhile, you could almost imagine a person can live within that quadrant itself.

Well, I guess that sums up the house and trust me, what was written above does not entirely do justice to the overall awesomeness of the house. With a price like this and a lot of things thrown in, it’s another bargain.  Do let me know if you’re genuinely interested and we will all take another journey around this massive mansion.

Take care and see ya guys. happy weekend!


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