Sunday temptations

Taken time off today and spent some quality time with my family. Nothing much on a Sunday morning. Made breakfast for them and laze around the house till mid noon. Went to IOI City Mall for a simple lunch before heading to bro-in-law house in Puchong for a quick swim and retrieve my glasses. Always wanted to try the non-halal ‘Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert’ and today, we did. To be honest, nothing to shout about. The noodles are tasteless and the Char-Siew… 3rd grade at best. The dunno-what Mango softie, forgettable. Overall, a simple but crummy meal that costs a bomb.

After a brief walk, we decided to head on to Puchong. By the time we got there, it’s almost 5pm and we jumped straight to the pool! Adrian enjoyed it very much as usual and I did 3 rounds of 40ft submerged swim . Wooohoo…

After an hour of fun, we felt hungry. We headed to Bandar Puteri Puchong and look for this place called ‘Old School’. Again, we chose to have non-halal food.  The place is setup like a canteen with menus and placards all ‘dressed up’ school style! The menu even looked like an exercise book. We ordered the Roasted Pork Nasi Lemak, Carbonara with Bacon Strips, Grilled Pork Chop Rice, a glass of milk for Adrian and a Celery, Cucumber & Lime juice. The food is fantastic and the price is justified. Next time, will be back for the burgers and chops.  Recommended.

That’s all for tonight. Gonna have another busy week ahead starting tomorrow. Adrian will be having his final term exam starting tomorrow. Wishing him all the best! You go boy! Signing off, have a good night and see you soon!



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