What estate negotiators do to sell your home? Let’s find out.

Well, wonder what the estate negotiators do to sell your property? Most homeowners do not, and some may opt to perform the sale themselves. To most, an estate agency is seen as a setup to market trivial estate services and charge the homeowners an agent service fee of up to 3%. But what does the agent do to earn that fee?aaeaaqaaaaaaaapbaaaajdu1zjfjm2q5ltaxmtctndgwmi04ztlmltu0owm0yzkzmdu0ng

  1. Most often than not, a good estate agent knows, understand and interpret the local market data better. They would provide valuable information to clients based on experience and information transfer among real estate community.

  2. A good real estate negotiator have a distinct trait. Accountability. The negotiator acts as the middleman between the seller and the buyer and it is the negotiator’s responsibility to accomplish the link. Therefore, good negotiators would normally understand the situation and try to bring the best out of the property’s value. For homeowners, this is good news. The negotiators will determine the best listing price for the property and make sure it is appropriate and able to market it successfully.

  3. With the internet taking over the world, real estate negotiators are also leveraging on the online platform to maximize the property’s exposure to the market. With the emergence of leading online real estate portals such as iProperty.com and PropertyGuru.com, real estate negotiators have the most complete network of estate information nationwide in their hands and the search for buyers or seller is never easier. Another good news for homeowners here!

  4. Although this may seem somewhat insignificant, but good professional pictures sells! Many times, you see bland and unexciting pictures posted by homeowners   receives nothing more than a view with no calls for a viewing. A professional negotiator know what quality images can do to boost the property’s image and inject the sense of curiosity to buyers.

  5. Networking. Estate negotiators usually network with numerous experienced and fellow professional estate agents to gain information as well as to find buyers! This will definitely speed up the search process and sometimes, when there’s a bunch of qualified buyers, you can even afford to filter them to get the best fit for the property.

  6. For good and accountable negotiators, there will usually be return dealings from their previous clients, being the buyer or seller. When this happen, it is also easier to look for potential suitors for property at either end.

  7. Most homeowners or buyers falls into the ‘negotiation’ trap. Since many are first timer performing either sale or purchase, they may not have the know-how on the negotiating part. This is where the negotiator comes in. Bagged with experience thru previous dealings, they usually know how to manouvre their way around to negotiate to their advantage.

  8. Finally, an estate negotiator act as a information hub to both homeowners and buyers to execute their actions to their advantage. With insightful information and seeing problems before it occurs, this gives the clients a sense of confident, enthrusting their property to the negotiators.

There we go for today. The next time your client ask you on why you deserve the fee, point out the above. They will be more than willing to offer a better fee if we perform the above professionally and with full accountability! Have a happy weekend!


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