Super charged Monday!

It’s Monday again guys! Not feeling blueish here haha. Dropped Adrian to dad’s place, met an old friend and got away with a listing! Hey.. not too shabby eh. Reached office and the HK team is having their regular meeting.  Setup my lappy and updated all my listing and sent to Billy for upload to the company’s website. Also, received a message from a client that I’m good to go to advertise his property. There’s also another considering for exclusivity. Yes!

Nothing much throughout the afternoon. Hanged around in office, try to complete my earlier notes and left a little early. Gave a ride to Darryl as he didn’t drive today.  Came 8:00pm, was in Bukit Jalil meeting a friend for a quick catch up. Nothing much here.


Red half of Merseyside

I will be early to sleep as I’ll be waking up to  catch the match between Liverpool & Man Utd. Go Pool! This will be a great match I reckon. So, there you go. Everyone have a good night and may the win in favor for the team from Merseyside. Nite!


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