Real estate agent safety Top 10 tips


  1. Careful with Personal Info: Don’t advertise your home address. If possible, use another mobile number to separate business and personal calls.
  2. Verify Customer Info: Ask for identification, address, and references from people before a viewing. Require a signature and phone number even at Open Houses.
  3. Enlist a Co-Worker: Whenever possible, have someone from your office join you for private viewings.
  4. Announce your showings: If you can’t have someone tag along, make sure at least a couple of people know your location and expected return time before a viewing.
  5. Scout Locations early: Check out neighbourhoods before you meet someone there to ensure you’re familiar with the area.
  6. Keep Phone in Hand: Keep your phone in hand with an emergency contact on speed dial.
  7. Keep Customer  in Sight: Walk behind clients. It lets them feel ownership over the potential buy and allows you to keep a safe distance.
  8. Pay attention to Exits: Know where the exits to the house and neighbourhood are. Keep doors unlocked during viewings.
  9. Take a Self-defense Class: Go the extra mile by taking a class that will prepare you for any potential dangers.
  10. Trust your Gut: If you’re uneasy about a situation, see your way out of it. Don’t worry about upsetting the customer.

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