Bridge Collapses Near Mid Valley, At Least One Reported To Have Been Killed

Oh, what horror!

A bridge that is still under construction has collapsed at approximately 3.30pm today near Mid Valley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur. The bridge is built to serve as a pedestrian walkway connecting The Gardens Mall (next to Mid Valley) to KL Eco City, a new development project located in the former Kampung Haji Abdullah Hukum village.

There were also rumors that the collapsed structure is the bridge linking Mid Valley to The Gardens, which has been proved to be untrue.

News reports indicate that at least one person has been killed and nine others injured, while it is feared that more may be trapped under the rubble.

In the meantime, motorists are advised to stay away from roads heading to and from Mid Valley such as the Federal Highway and Jalan Bangsar due to the traffic build-up.

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A moment of silence for Chapecoense FC

Didn’t know much about Chapecoense FC as a football club, but as a football fan, this is such a hard news to digest. Nevertheless, rest in peace to the departed and deepest condolences to their families. May Chapecoense FC come back stronger and make the club proud again!125px-sc3admbolo_chapecoense_com_trc3aas_estrelas-svg

Associação Chapecoense de Futebol, commonly known as Chapecoense and whose acronym is ACF, is a Brazilian football club, based in the city of Chapecó in the state of Santa Catarina.

Besides football the club also has activities in futsal, in which it has been state champion twice. The club was founded in 1973 with the goal of restoring football in the city of Chapecó, and won their first state title in 1977. In all, the club has won five state championships to date, the last in 2016. A relatively small club, they entered Brazil’s top division, Série A, for the first time in 2014. The club’s home matches are played at Arena Condá.

For those who missed the news, please find the following link to Telegraph’s coverage yesterday:

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Moana is spot on!

Was at the cinema yesterday with the gang (wife & kid that is) and we were totally blown away with Moana, the latest offering from Disney Animation.  Not much of a fan of Disney’s song & dance offerings, but Moana is simply well executed. Both the animation and story wise. And Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson is excellent as Maui the demigod.

 There was a short film before the movie, Inner Workings, that was beautifully done in a 6-minute feature. Make sure you get in the cinema early to not miss this one. It’s definitely way better than the Ninjago short before the animated ‘Storks’ which came out in October.

Not going to dissect the movie here, but more to relate why this is a fun and great movie for me and my family. It’s definitely the complete Disney formula here – a girl chasing her dreams, forbid by parents, have a animal sidekick, assistance by a male companion, battling certain evil, overcome adversities, and everyone lives happily ever after. But the voice actors were the difference here and the characters were so colorful and lovable.


Maui, voiced by Dwayne Johnson was spot on. You could virtually see his face from Maui’s animated expressions. And Auli’i Cravalho who voiced Moana, the coming of age girl trying to seek Maui’s help to return something he stole, also a very good casting. Another good part (but too short) of the movie is the part where they travel to the Realm of Monsters to retrieve Maui’s magical hook. Scary.

The animation is top notch and although the songs are not as catchy, but it’s inspiring nonetheless. As a business individual, sometimes we need a quote to get by and in this case, it’s a movie. Moana let us understand that most often than not, we do not need anything special to go through life. We already ARE special. And always look for that one inspiration to move forward when you almost lose it. Pretty heavy but I guess you know the drill.     

Oh, and you will love these guys – the Kakamoras! Adorable and mischievous. The battle cum escape scene is most fun and exhilarating in it’s own right. Adrian thought the scene looked like one of Pirates of the Caribbean’s. To me, more like Mad Max:Fury Road hahaha.

All in all, we loved the show and it’s definitely a collectible. Probably the empty coconuts shells will demand a higher price after this! Watch it now in cinemas with your family. Definitely worth the admission and your 1 hr 53 minutes.

Leave a comment and tell us what you think of the movie! Cheers! I Lā MaikaʻI!!

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A day with a sweet homeowner in a tranquil home @ Desa Sri Hartamas

It was a good Sunday afternoon with (Roxette’s ‘June Afternoon’) playing in my mind as I made my way to Desa Sri Hartamas for a new listing. It was a double storey corner house that probably wasn’t much of a shout-out in that part of the neighborhood. But once I got in, I totally fell in love with it! It’s exactly like how it looked in the magazine. Yes, a magazine.

The house was interior-designed by the renowned architect, interior designer, event planner, and rave party organizer – Dogi Panesar, who were interviewed nonetheless, and the article was published by a reputable home and interior magazine. The house owner, also a public figure (prefer not to disclose) is looking to rent/sell the house after moving to an even better home nearby.

I was greeted by Yin the moment I entered the house and she nonchalantly acknowledged my presence from the 2nd floor as I made my way to the living hall. Even from the phone, you could feel that she is those sort of people you can easily warm up to pretty quickly.

Desa Hartamas Link.png

Excellent Balinese style decor, artistically designed and fascinating highlights

The front and side of the house are built with see-thru windows with parallel wooden panels and Roman-styled shades. The Zen-infused feeling is heavy with its wooden furniture and white/brown color combination. Just look  at the mid-section area (second pic from the top). Just the stuff for a lazy Sunday with cookie and milk and a good read!

The 2 rooms upstairs are equally stunning. The master room is exquisitely designed that it oozes the masculine subsistence and a little bit of classicism of the 19th century. A huge stylish wooden wardrobe separates the room and the bath, making the toilet a secret area. That’s pure class!

The homeowner is giving away most of the stuff in the house (minus the belongings). So, it is also one of the ‘move-in’ condition house where most of the necessities are in place and one would definitely enjoy the feel of the house especially comes night time. (“,) . Oh, and it is gated and guarded too!

With this price and everything in, amenities just a stone throw away (the up-market address as well), it’s a steal! Let me know if this excites you. Call me for a viewing. Bali is just around Hartamas. Give this a like. Cheers!


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Steven Gerrard announces his retirement

It’s sad to see football legends call it a day and worse still if it’s one of your idols. Steven Gerrard (ex-Liverpool FC captain) announced his retirement in football yesterday after he ended his stint in the MLS with LA Galaxy earlier this month.

He is poised to take up a coaching badge with the Liverpool team after snubbing MK Dons’ managerial vacancy. It will be nice to see him back where he belongs and knowing the youngsters have a great role model watching over them.

The following is a small tribute to Gerrard’s top notch goals thru the years. Enjoy! I know did!  (not too sure about the HD quality though).

*YouTube video courtesy of robytara: instagram@robertotarantini


Unwell and out of action for a few days

Was not feeling too well since last Friday , 18th Nov. It all started after my curry noodles lunch in Jalan Ipoh. Probably the uncooked squid. Bleah. Had a bit of diarrhea thru the week until yesterday.  And during the weekend, flu and cough came at once and it only recovered today. Porridge, porridge, porridge the whole week. But hey, I’m back and it’s working time! Since it’s ‘sicky’ time, I’ll share a little How-To from Yumi Sakugawa. Have fun guys! Give me a like!


*credits to and Yumi Sakugawa

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My little boy turns 9!

15036458_163008640833399_1347463075723025687_nWe were at mum and dad’s house again to have a mini celebration of Adrian’s birthday yesterday. The boy turned 9! Time passes by so quickly. We got him a jelly cake with animals – since we had TOO MANY butter/cheese cakes this month, this is very welcomed indeed.

Bought him his Lego set last weekend and dad did the same this round. Probably the last of Lego for his birthdays. Adrian didn’t change much but gotten wiser and cheekier! Just want to say that we all love him very much and feeling the luckiest to have him in our lives.

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MRTA and MLTA: A beginner’s guide to mortgage insurance

What’s the difference between MRTA and MLTA?   

In Malaysia, two mortgage life insurance are available to homebuyers – Mortgage Reducing Term Assurance (MRTA) and Mortgage Level Term Assurance (MLTA).

Allianz Life chief executive officer Joseph Gross explained that MRTA and MLTA are commonly pegged to a home loan to cover the loan in the event of the death or TPD of the insured.

“The key difference is MRTA’s sum assured reduces over time while MLTA’s sum assured remains constant throughout the term of the policy,” he said.
Some home loans like flexi home loans allow one to make withdrawals but it will reduce MRTA’s sum over time. When the amount owed to the bank is higher than the MRTA’s sum, the MRTA will not be able to fully cover the home loan.


“While MLTA comes at a higher premium, the flat sum meant the borrower and the family will not have the same concern,” he added. Since the bank is MRTA’s beneficiary, it is unable to protect a borrower’s family in totality. MLTA is more personal and often protect your next of kin. If anything happens, the family claims the insurance money. This money can be used to settle the outstanding loan amount since MLTA benefit is fixed sum assured.

When asked if MRTAs and MLTAs are absolutely necessary, Jared Lim, co-founder of Loanstreet suggested that borrowers weigh their risks holistically from an estate planning perspective.

“If you are sufficiently covered by a life insurance policy, you can even consider skipping the MRTA or MLTA. But note that your beneficiaries will get lesser if you lose your ability to generate income,” Lim said.

He added that borrowers must go through the trouble of making sure their next of kin is aware of their policy and know how to make claims. The process of the insurance claim is basically the same for MRTA or MLTA. In the event of death, the claimant would need supporting documents such as certified copy of death certificate, a copy of deceased identification card, burial permit, medical report, identity of claimant, proof of claimant relationship with deceased and most importantly, the original policy document.

*The above are excerpts from one of the articles in The article is first published in pullout on Nov 2. 

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Wife of the year birthday and Tous Les Jours

It’s that time of year again recognizing my personal Wife of the Year 2016. Yes, that’s my wife, Caroline! Happy birthday, sweetheart! Without you by my side, things would’ve gotten a whole lot tougher and a lesser sense of perspective. Thank you for all your patience and forgiveness when I’m at my most ugly and messy self. You provided me enough space and time to recalibrate myself and look at things more positively. So, thought the White Chocolate Forest butter cake from Tous Le Jours would fit nicely to this theme. (“,)
Since we’re about the bakery, let’s give it a spin about the cake experience. Fist thing first, this is not a French-based bakery. It’s Korean, heh.  I’ve bought a few pastries here not too long ago, from Tous Le Jours Bangsar. But this time, I want to give its cake a try. The pastries were delicious, though. Went there to order a Heart Shaped Strawberry Cream Cake on Wednesday but unfortunately, I was told it is no longer on the menu. So sad and disappointed. Hence, the White Chocolate Forest then. At least it fits the theme! *chuckle*

The cake is too sweet for our liking. The butter and cream sponge cake core is nice, though, topped with the white chocolate shavings. If it was 30% less sweet, it would be perfect! And personally, the overall presentation of the cake and it’s box + cutlery/candles were pretty average. 20161111_205718

I picked it up late Friday afternoon after lunch with the team in Subang earlier. Since it’s still raining when I reached Bangsar, I stopped by TLJ for a flat white and update my listing before leaving with the cake.

There, Happy Birthday to my lovely and wonderful wife. May you be blessed with good health and wealth and stay happy!. Cheers! Tomorrow “Trolls” movie date on me!

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Busy week – and busy week ahead!

Had a few viewings this week and last week. Also, received a couple of request for commercial land-type properties. We are talking hundreds of millions here yo! Hoho… now just stay on target…. Things are going great at this stage of the year although the new U.S president kinda baffled everyone and not the one to dismiss his credentials, but I was expecting something else. (“.)

This month, November, also one of the busiest in terms of birthday celebrations. I have 5 birthdays stretched across November. The mum, the FIL, the wife, the son and the BOSS! Woohoo..

Hoping to close some deals to top it off and lessen the blow to the pocket. Heh. So, let’s work hard everyone and have a good weekend! Signing off. Cheers!