Wife of the year birthday and Tous Les Jours

It’s that time of year again recognizing my personal Wife of the Year 2016. Yes, that’s my wife, Caroline! Happy birthday, sweetheart! Without you by my side, things would’ve gotten a whole lot tougher and a lesser sense of perspective. Thank you for all your patience and forgiveness when I’m at my most ugly and messy self. You provided me enough space and time to recalibrate myself and look at things more positively. So, thought the White Chocolate Forest butter cake from Tous Le Jours would fit nicely to this theme. (“,)
Since we’re about the bakery, let’s give it a spin about the cake experience. Fist thing first, this is not a French-based bakery. It’s Korean, heh.  I’ve bought a few pastries here not too long ago, from Tous Le Jours Bangsar. But this time, I want to give its cake a try. The pastries were delicious, though. Went there to order a Heart Shaped Strawberry Cream Cake on Wednesday but unfortunately, I was told it is no longer on the menu. So sad and disappointed. Hence, the White Chocolate Forest then. At least it fits the theme! *chuckle*

The cake is too sweet for our liking. The butter and cream sponge cake core is nice, though, topped with the white chocolate shavings. If it was 30% less sweet, it would be perfect! And personally, the overall presentation of the cake and it’s box + cutlery/candles were pretty average. 20161111_205718

I picked it up late Friday afternoon after lunch with the team in Subang earlier. Since it’s still raining when I reached Bangsar, I stopped by TLJ for a flat white and update my listing before leaving with the cake.

There, Happy Birthday to my lovely and wonderful wife. May you be blessed with good health and wealth and stay happy!. Cheers! Tomorrow “Trolls” movie date on me!


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