A day with a sweet homeowner in a tranquil home @ Desa Sri Hartamas

It was a good Sunday afternoon with (Roxette’s ‘June Afternoon’) playing in my mind as I made my way to Desa Sri Hartamas for a new listing. It was a double storey corner house that probably wasn’t much of a shout-out in that part of the neighborhood. But once I got in, I totally fell in love with it! It’s exactly like how it looked in the magazine. Yes, a magazine.

The house was interior-designed by the renowned architect, interior designer, event planner, and rave party organizer – Dogi Panesar, who were interviewed nonetheless, and the article was published by a reputable home and interior magazine. The house owner, also a public figure (prefer not to disclose) is looking to rent/sell the house after moving to an even better home nearby.

I was greeted by Yin the moment I entered the house and she nonchalantly acknowledged my presence from the 2nd floor as I made my way to the living hall. Even from the phone, you could feel that she is those sort of people you can easily warm up to pretty quickly.

Desa Hartamas Link.png

Excellent Balinese style decor, artistically designed and fascinating highlights

The front and side of the house are built with see-thru windows with parallel wooden panels and Roman-styled shades. The Zen-infused feeling is heavy with its wooden furniture and white/brown color combination. Just look  at the mid-section area (second pic from the top). Just the stuff for a lazy Sunday with cookie and milk and a good read!

The 2 rooms upstairs are equally stunning. The master room is exquisitely designed that it oozes the masculine subsistence and a little bit of classicism of the 19th century. A huge stylish wooden wardrobe separates the room and the bath, making the toilet a secret area. That’s pure class!

The homeowner is giving away most of the stuff in the house (minus the belongings). So, it is also one of the ‘move-in’ condition house where most of the necessities are in place and one would definitely enjoy the feel of the house especially comes night time. (“,) . Oh, and it is gated and guarded too!

With this price and everything in, amenities just a stone throw away (the up-market address as well), it’s a steal! Let me know if this excites you. Call me for a viewing. Bali is just around Hartamas. Give this a like. Cheers!



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