Our first ride of the new MRT

We went for our first MRT ride today. Since the stations were not fully operational, we got on at Semantan station and took a trip to TTDI station and got down for our lunch nearby. The first impression of the stations is that it’s pretty awesome and definitely an upgrade from the LRT stations that we are so used to.

Since it’s newly launched, we were given free rides all the way till 16th January 2017. And this includes the feeder buses along Phase One of the Sg Buloh-Kajang (SBK) MRT Line. However, since the line was not opened in its entirety, we would just have to make do with Semantan to Sungai Buloh for now.

The entrance and payment counters looked polished and of higher grades. But we noticed that the ‘check-in counters’ gates opened and closed rather sluggishly. There were times the gates don’t operate correctly too. Think about the rush hour and the people jamming the place trying to reach office or home quickly! Need improvements here. Oh yah, Malaysians can use their ICs (with the Touch N’ Go system obviously) to check-in!

The stairs/escalators leading to the waiting platform is pretty high and it took us awhile to get there. The platform itself is not too shabby. Probably it’s still new and everything looked shiny. The directions and signages are well placed for sure.

Once we got in the coach, it really freezes us out. As there are not many passengers today, with the air cond in full blast.. we felt really really cold! Good job! Haha. The time from one stop to another takes roughly about a minute or so.

We can see that most of the stations are still having their’make-ups’ and probably need another couple of months to have a true end product.

After our lunch, we head back to Semantan station to get our cars and head back to office. Overall, the experience is good but of course, minus the traffic and potential glitches. One may wonder if the government really did all the homework to make this a successful project. But as it stands, still one of the more desired projects to make its bow in Malaysia!

That’s all from me here. Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried the MRT and what is/are the things you felt… could be better? Happy commuting and a great weekend ahead. Cheers!


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