A pleasant surprise at Franco @ 1 Utama

Normally, we would avoid having meals at these ‘fancy’ cafes cum’ restaurant due to the quality of their food and the poor service. It all started when my boy wanted to have mac & cheese for lunch and I whipped out the mobile and googled if there’s anywhere around 1U we could find a decent m&c.

We found Franco and decided to give it try. We didn’t know what to make of Franco – whether it’s Italian or French. Apparently, it all started with Miam Miam, and later to Franco back in 2015. Now, they decided rebrand or to Marco MC and it’s French-Japanese. Oh.

The food is surprisingly great considering the fact it’s fusion and they don’t have too many items on its menu either. We ordered a few items (they don’t use ‘dishes’) and they all looked and tastes great! Especially they M&C. Adrian said it was one of the best he tasted.

The Riz Au Curry is fantastic – Japanese curry, cheese, rice, frankfurters, broccoli and eggs! It has to be good!

Sous vide Airline Chicken Breast (ACB) – with charred brussels sprouts & Jus Gras. *Sous-vide is a method of cooking.

Signature Pasta – Ala dente spaghetti sautéd with Japanese dashi, shoyu, assorted vegetables, assorted meat & topped with an Onsen egg.

Croque Madame – Fried boiled ham and cheese sandwich with an egg!

Souffle Pancake – Soufflé style, thick and fluffy hot cake with whipped butter & maple syrup.

Since they don’t have too many things on their menu, we intend to try out all their mains whenever we can. Including the desserts! The price is slightly on the high side though.. hence the casual fine dining experience.

Marco or Franco: 1 Utama, No. 146, Ground Floor, Lebuh Bandar Utama, Selangor, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia



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