Congratulations to Mohd Faiz Subri for winning the FIFA PUSKAS 2016 award!

Just want to congratulate Faiz on behalf of all of us in Malaysia of his winning the FIFA PUSKAS 2016 award for the best goal category! I mean, finally, we have some really good and proud announcement coming from a Malaysian for a while now. The goal was fantastic although there were some elements of luck to it, to be honest. But nonetheless, it was destined to win the moment the ball went in.

You can catch his goal from the video below @ 0:55.

But it was sad to see some comments in Facebook earlier from some of those typical naysayers, commenting about why he wasn’t wearing the Malay costume la, why was he giving his speech in English la, why he only prepare his speech last minute la… C’mon guys. This lad literally won an international award and he made us proud worldwide, standing alongside the likes of football legends like Maradona, Zidane, the Ronaldos and even Sir Alex Ferguson mind you. So, just be proud and pour in the likes and words of encouragement ya?

Well done Faiz! Take your game to the next level!


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