Contemporary 2sty bungalow Bukit Gasing

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to view and list 2 contemporary styled bungalow units in Bukit Gasing, Petaling Jaya. This one is the 2sty bungalow corner unit located just about 200m away from the Bukit Gasing Rd turn in. This a newly built bungalow on a corner land in a matured neighbourhood.

About 500m radius around the house, you will find a school, restaurants, couple of temples and shops. Definitely no shortage of amenities here.

The unit has a modern feel and spacious interior. With the massive 6,000sqft build up, there’s ample space for every room. The living hall is exactly a huge rectangular space that is excellent for a conventional family who craves for a simple rest area but with a big hall for the furniture.

Though the house does not come with a fitted kitchen unit,  the new owner would be able to style the kitchen area more freely according to their personal creativity.

The dining hall is fitted with a stylish framed ceiling lamp overseeing the pool area.

There are 2 parking spaces at the front. The unit gets exciting on the 2nd floor. The stairway is spacious and good for moving items up and down the house.

There is a great-sized study room with sliding panel as a  separator and it is fully carpeted for the luxury feel. And the colors are great too!

The master bedroom is very well spaced with a walk in wardrobe ‘room’ for the owner too. The master bath has a modern mood to it and the pieces are arranged in a comfortable sense as well. The house is fitted with 10 air-cond units and  11 fans to satisfy the heat.

If you’re looking for a brand new bungalow with a good budget to go, this would be it. A house with almost everything in terms of space and also offers ‘nothing’, to provide flexibility and freedom for creativity by the owner.

Let me know if this interest you! Arrange for a viewing and decide yourself!

*Thank you Mr.N for the listing


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