Crummy estate agents… why u no do it ethically??

One of the first thing that we estate agents learn is that we must be professional in everything we do and do it ethically. Since we do not have ‘items’ or ‘products’ to sell, we are merely selling our ‘services’.  And this will eventually set us apart. Technically, if you’re not being too evil in executing your tasks, there’s practically no wrong and right about what you want to do. But after awhile, I’ve noticed (not that it’s new) there are a great numbers of agents/negotiators out there being ridiculous and to some point, preposterous. Why?

Recently, I’ve got a couple of requests from my clients to look out for some apartment units around Klang Valley. As usual, we will browse around as we do not have the listing with us. And while I’m at it, I got hold of some numbers of the agents representing the unit(s), or so it seems.

When I called them and enquire about the particular unit, I was told it is no longer available and proceeded to offer me another one which is totally not what I’m looking for. This happened with a few other agents too!

A red flag prompted me earlier. While browsing thru the property portals, I noticed that these agents in particular, have the largest number of units under their care. And why it feels suspicious? None of the pictures shown is taken from the inside. All that was shown are the exterior pics and if it was a condominium/apartment, it will only show the facilities and some was even taken directly from certain websites.

How they did it? Well, obviously they just created the listing and the ‘imaginary’ units themselves and claimed they have them. All they need to do is just look at the details of some of the available units and duplicate them so it will appear in the portals as though it belongs to them.

Why they do it? So, when a prospective client or agents like us dropped in, the whole page would have that particlar agent’s name all over it – and obviously people would think they are the specialist around here and call them to find out more. How low can you get??

Well, every industry have their bad apples and sometimes, it’s all about survival. I’m not one to point out if this should be the practice, but everyway you look at it, it’s wrong. There are multiple ways of executing a task and in real estate, it must be done with integrity and ethically. Some may view the real estate agents’ community to be small, but if you’re not careful, you’ll find yourself out of service sooner than you thought.

So, why don’t we all just do our part and offer only what is rightly ours. Don’t do such heinous act. Sometimes karma strikes early…  (“.)

Peace all. Have a great CNY 2017! To those travelling, drive safe and enjoy the trip and holidays!


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