A really hectic but challenging week!

As I missed dropping into the office for almost a week, things are popping in thick and fast! Missed my colleagues and working partners the same. Lately, I realized more prospects are calling me rather than property owners! That’s fresh. Is the market doing a slow turn-round?


Having a cuppa @ Tous Les Jours Bangsar


Anyway, I’m back on my ‘quick-feet’ and try to follow up on these low hanging cases to seal the deal asap. While ferrying myself in-n-out of KL, I do need to sit back and take a time out for a breather.

 I don’t consider myself an ‘all-rounder’ agent, but I do see that recently, I’m into different aspects of the game. Getting myself in commercial deals and properties in more reserved locations.

But above all, I would like to blow a special huge thank you to all my colleagues for their encouragement and literally showering me with co-broking opportunities and listing to work on! Special mention to UKC, Naz, Darryl, Ray, Shaun, Li Li and the support team of Nieyko and Billy.

Let’s end the week with a sale! Yeah! Cheers everyone!


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