Have nice listing pictures, and it’ll look good on both you and the house!

There’s always the saying ‘picture paints a thousand words’. Well, it stays very true to home listing pictures for us agents. A crisp and ‘self-explanatory’ listing picture (mostly a collage of pics) will do wonders for you and your homeowners as well.

Too many a time we see listing pictures that were simply taken without proper estimation of space, angle and interpretation of dimension. Not saying that I’m having the best listing pictures, but most often than not, some agents would simply take pictures of the unit without the slightest of idea how it would turn out when it is posted on the web or shared thru the social media, especially if the lighting (the most basic of all) is compromised.

Usually, we don’t tamper with the pictures with image enhancement tools but a mild touch up will do nicely over lightings and image tone. Not too bright, not too dark.. Also when taking these pictures, do make sure it is well balanced in terms of the angles. Not too focused on the ceiling, and not too much on the floor. Yes, a wide angled picture is most welcomed!

I’ve learned a thing or two from my principal and colleagues about taking great listing pictures and the following attachment also taught me something else about that.

So, let us take a look at what it has to say and may we all have great looking listing pictures and make the clients happy and be able to truly visualize how the house would look like just by looking at the pictures. We don’t want the pictures to jeopardize our chances don’t we? (“,)


Special thanks to Househunt.com for providing the tips.


One thought on “Have nice listing pictures, and it’ll look good on both you and the house!

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