Moonlight : Winner of 3 Academy Awards® and Best Movie of 2016 – was it that good?


Just watched the movie yesterday after a hectic morning. Was it that good? Numerous awards and movie of the year?

I would usually watch these so-call awards winning movies and find out if it is as good as what the critics and public think it is. I’ve watched best movie of the year shows such as Birdman, 12 years a slave, Argo, The King’s Speech etc. They all had their share of intrigue and although for much of their middling plots, they are still above average. For this one, I would say – no. The movie has a subliminal context and we can see where it is heading to from miles away. I’m not against it proper but not 97% on RT. Nope.

There were 3 parts of the story. Each somewhat charting the timeline of a black boy growing up under less than favorable consequences. The movie opened with a story of a young child (Chiron) hiding from his bullies and was soon cared for by a drug dealer and his girlfriend. This is where we are shown that the boy is constantly avoiding going home to his druggie mom and being the awkward fella getting bullied in school for ‘walking’ like an AC-DC.


Chiron and Kevin at the beach right before ‘that’ moment

From there onwards, we were introduced to his close buddy (Kevin) whom in the end did a handjob on him and suggest that Chiron is having a messed up sexual orientation. The other 2 parts bring us to the later moments of Chiron’s life as a teenager and adulthood. In the end, Chiron made good with his ‘rehabilitating’ mom and decided to look for his old bud Kevin who now resides in Miami. The movie ends with a fade to black moment suggesting — I don’t know. What?

Personally, there’s nothing much here that I would rate this as a groundbreaking movie about the coming of age genre. Everything on display is very much obvious and I think there are movies out there with much more to offer and not as predictable.

The only reason for the overly-celebrated notion, I think, was a service to acknowledge the blacks and their lives while growing up. Not that the acting is way up there. It’s like, hey, it’s about time we bring this award to another race else we would be seen so dominating that we ignore movies like this. We have something like 12 years a slave a few years back, but that was engaging. Something that felt more deserving.

Anyway, not a movie I would watch again. I watched The King’s Speech 2 times- at least. Heh.

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