Happy Thaipusam to my friends!

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Very soon we will reach 31st January and it’s none other than the celebration of Thaipusam for all my Indians friends! This year, the front image of the website shows 2 arm chair with a coffee table with coconut and a diya. It represents a peaceful and traditional celebration for everyone an may it brings prosperity along. Avid Estates & Fresco would like to wish them a happy Thaipusam 2018!

I’ve written a small article about the celebration a year ago. You can read it here:





Ray’s birthday yo..

Hey Ray, Happy Birthday! Hope you don’t mind a small little cake, few close friends and some fake fries and burgers to go… heheheh..

Kinda crappy we forgot to take a group pic! Sigh.. too excited yo. But at least this round you get the whole pic for yourself.. nyeak!

Many happy return and keep up the good work! It’s certainly a privilege to have you as a friend. See you tomorrow for our badminton session. Take care buddy!

Our maiden 19 Perdana show unit open house

Just wrapped up our first show unit open house for 19 Perdana last weekend and it is quite a showcase. We had visitors and buyers from nearby mostly and despite some morning and afternoon showers, a good bunch did turned up to see what this is all about and they left with good impression! A couple of them came twice across the 2 days too. Now, just a little follow up should do the job!

Would like to thank the whole team to make this happen. Thanks to Steph, Glenn, Ray and Caroline for taking their weekend off to help out. Can’t imagine myself taking on a few clients at the same time. And also thanks to Nieyko for preparing most of the pre-open day stuff from the marketing perspective.

Did a few selfies as I kept forgetting about having some shots with those nice people. Also, thanks to the man behind the houses, Mr.Tang for giving us this opportunity and stayed with us most of the time during the event to discreetly help us monitor the progress of the sessions.

We’ll be having another round soon and we hope to seal some deals in the coming days and complete the 12 units and call it a day soon! See you guys then. Watch this space..

19 Perdana Semi-D @ Pandan Perdana



Just got my hands on this exclusive project from a boutique developer (Hamton Realty Sdn Bhd) and it’s going to be my pet project for the next 3 months. 19 Perdana consist of 12 exclusive ‘hand-crafted’ semi-detached units located in Pandan Perdana. This is a location about 9km away from the city center. It sits nicely in a place where the accessibility to nearby township like OUG, Sri Petaling, Taman Maluri and Cheras south just minutes of drive away.


The location is accessible from Cheras and KL via Jalan Cheras and Jalan Loke Yew respectively towards the MRR2. Another entry/exit is through Taman Pertama although the route is less used by commuters. So, we have a fairly good access to the area without cramming at one passage. The surrounding area is also matured with a good variant of shops and eateries without having to travel too far out for running errands or for a decent meal.


When an area is well developed, you can certainly find numerous amenities in almost every corners and also certain facilities or public services to serve its residents. Just a minute drive out, you will have a few blocks of shop-lots with eateries and a variety of shops to fill your need. There is also a police station nearby to calm your sense of security.

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Row of shops in Pandan Perdana

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Pandan Indah town

If you’re feeling adventurous, there are always Pandan Jaya and Pandan Indah to go to. These are the places well known for their eating spots and entertainment outlets. The area also boasts as one of the more matured neighborhood around Cheras/KL with a good number of facilities and outlets (banks,hospitals, schools, car workshops, a fire station etc.) to choose from. Although the traffic and crowd is slightly more congested than one prefers, you do however, never having to travel far for your daily undertakings.

Not too far away, you also have Pantai Hospital at your service, multiple banks, petrol stations, restaurants and even a DBKL branch in Taman Cheras. For the children, there is also an international school in the form of Sri Sempurna.

There is Leisure Mall for all the shoppers in Taman Segar and do expect something in the form of Eko Cheras Mall by end of 2018.

Public transport

When you’re within this area, there will be no shortage of public transport for your commuting need. With Grab/Uber and the regular taxis and buses, this is easily taken care of. There are a number of nearby MRT stations (though not as close as one would prefer) to add to the list. Taman Mutiara, Taman Midah and Taman Pertama stations. But like everywhere else around KL, do get ready earlier and arrange your commute accordingly to avoid disappointment and tardiness.

After covering some of the more common issues when looking at a potential property buy, it’s time to look at why Hamton’s 19 Perdana.

If you’re looking for an exclusive, affordable (size by cost) and a location with great potential, then  look no further than 19 Perdana. With such huge layouts and build up area, the price would double if it is somewhere else.

There are 3 types of units to choose to suit everyone. From a conventional basic TYPE A, there is also TYPE B for those who loves huge area for their kitchen and dining space. For bigger family size, TYPE C would be perfect with an extended room for the parents, not only with a master-bedroom like area for them at the ground floor, there is also enough space dedicated for them to fulfill their daily needs.

By the way, this is a FREEHOLD property right in the mix of KL address. There are not many freehold land left around this part of town and looking at one of the next in line development area, this is a matter of when rather than will it be developed. So, appreciation is certain – how much is the question.

All units comes with an immediate rebate of RM 150k off its asking price (both BUMI and NON-NO-BUMI buyers). For BUMI buyers, they are entitled for another 5% discount on top of the rebate which make it more affordable than it already is!

For those familiar around the area and are looking for a good buy and at the same time want something of a bargain for the long run, this is it. Come and have a look and be amazed what 19 Perdana has to offer. We will be arranging for OPEN-HOUSE events from time to time. So, make yourself free then and drop by for a viewing!

Welcome 2018! We are all set for the journey…

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The Fresco & Avid Estates team would like to wish everyone a happy new year and welcome 2018! It has been a wonderful 2017 and a lot of stuff happened and done that year.  It’s a whole new year and it’s a good time to reflect and plan our next goal to achieve more. Love someone more especially ourselves, take ‘time’ more seriously and be always grateful and thankful for everything that we got.

For house-buyers, this may be a good year to start looking since the stamp duty cost remained the same and generally, home prices are not exactly escalating (so far). We have some really good bargain deals for those who are interested. For the would-be-tenants, we have really good and nice units to-let too. Head on to http://www.fresco.strikingly.com or https://kevinfoocy.iagent.my/default.aspx?p=Listings for more details!

Have a great and purposeful year ahead! Till next time, see ya.