Ready Player One… ‘Virtually’, it’s a blast!


We expect nothing short of a thrilling and nostalgic offering from Ready Player One and true enough, we have everything from family entertainment value to pleasing the nerds and geeks of the gaming world! This movie is not brilliant only for it’s CGI prowess, but it’s storytelling and charm thru it’s characters and point of views.

We thought it would be a good time-out for the family, especially before the  term exam for Adrian the coming week. Knowing the premise form the trailers and reading some details from the web, we know it’ll be fun and nothing too serious and mind-numbing a show to drown us.

Hardly I’ve been to a show in the cinema (I’ve watched quite a number of movies) where the audience applauded, sighed, cheered and  shrieked with ooohhss and aahhss throughout. This one really made them sound like kids and being themselves with the slightest care in the world they’re in a cinema filled with strangers, young and matured.

The only downside of it for me personally would be the selection of music scores. Other than that, it is pretty memorable and one may even want to do several viewings to satisfy the ‘easter eggs” (items, trivia or surprises buried in movies that can only be spotted by audiences with a particularly well-honed set of skills) treasure hunt. (*a little spoilers ahead).

The main attraction of the movie is definitely it’s nostalgic premise and from the celebrated master of movie making – Mr.Spielberg. But the marketing team does a great deal on the ‘easter egg’ search for the cinema goers. I’ve spotted a few here and there but there are too many references from games and movies from the 80s/90s that sometimes a little overwhelming.

The ones we know and spotted were of course, the Iron Giant, Minecraft, Delorean, A-Team van, Akira bike, Blanka, Gundam, Mechagodzilla, Chun Li, Mortal Kombatants, Chucky, The Shining, Jason, Freddy, the Halo guys, Joker, Harlequin, Ninja Turtles, King Kong, T-Rex, Ryu, Batman, Deathstroke, Beetlejuice, Clark Kent, The Greatest American Hero, Star Wars, Krull, Hello Kitty and gang, Gandalf, Battletoads, Robocop, Star Trek, Str Craft, Speed Racer, Lara Croft, Battlestar Galactica, Aliens, Buck Rogers, Overwatch, and Terminator. Wow… let me know if you spotted others!

The movie don’t dwell too much on the characters back story though. We are thrown to the 1st act almost immediately. Finding the 3 keys in the virtual world ‘Oasis’ to win a huge sum of money and also a chance to take over the ownership of the virtual world by it’s deceased owner Mr.Haliday – or was he. Along the way, our heroes would need to fend off the evil corporate – IOI for the throne and this is where it leads to the final act of  a great battle of all the games’ avatars against the evil Mr.Sorento and his gang.

We were told in the original book by Ernest Cline, that the momentous battle between Mechagodzilla would be against Ultraman and not RX-78. How would that turn out, is anyone’s guess but THAT battle alone is worth the ticket price! The audience loved it so much that they clapped… yeah, clapped. However, both these characters will only be available for 3 minutes to do their stuff. So, I guess it’s either a laser sabre or a specium ray.

Overall, we enjoyed the movie so much that I don’t remember having seen anything that is so much fun and worthy for a long time. The closest is The Dark Knight Rises and The Last Jedi. One will leave the cinema with loads to talk about. We did.

Hope you will enjoy the show as much as we did. A simple but fun show to ease away the stresses of the week ahead. Sit back and ready to play!

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