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Ready Player One… ‘Virtually’, it’s a blast!


We expect nothing short of a thrilling and nostalgic offering from Ready Player One and true enough, we have everything from family entertainment value to pleasing the nerds and geeks of the gaming world! This movie is not brilliant only for it’s CGI prowess, but it’s storytelling and charm thru it’s characters and point of views.

We thought it would be a good time-out for the family, especially before the  term exam for Adrian the coming week. Knowing the premise form the trailers and reading some details from the web, we know it’ll be fun and nothing too serious and mind-numbing a show to drown us.

Hardly I’ve been to a show in the cinema (I’ve watched quite a number of movies) where the audience applauded, sighed, cheered and  shrieked with ooohhss and aahhss throughout. This one really made them sound like kids and being themselves with the slightest care in the world they’re in a cinema filled with strangers, young and matured.

The only downside of it for me personally would be the selection of music scores. Other than that, it is pretty memorable and one may even want to do several viewings to satisfy the ‘easter eggs” (items, trivia or surprises buried in movies that can only be spotted by audiences with a particularly well-honed set of skills) treasure hunt. (*a little spoilers ahead).

The main attraction of the movie is definitely it’s nostalgic premise and from the celebrated master of movie making – Mr.Spielberg. But the marketing team does a great deal on the ‘easter egg’ search for the cinema goers. I’ve spotted a few here and there but there are too many references from games and movies from the 80s/90s that sometimes a little overwhelming.

The ones we know and spotted were of course, the Iron Giant, Minecraft, Delorean, A-Team van, Akira bike, Blanka, Gundam, Mechagodzilla, Chun Li, Mortal Kombatants, Chucky, The Shining, Jason, Freddy, the Halo guys, Joker, Harlequin, Ninja Turtles, King Kong, T-Rex, Ryu, Batman, Deathstroke, Beetlejuice, Clark Kent, The Greatest American Hero, Star Wars, Krull, Hello Kitty and gang, Gandalf, Battletoads, Robocop, Star Trek, Str Craft, Speed Racer, Lara Croft, Battlestar Galactica, Aliens, Buck Rogers, Overwatch, and Terminator. Wow… let me know if you spotted others!

The movie don’t dwell too much on the characters back story though. We are thrown to the 1st act almost immediately. Finding the 3 keys in the virtual world ‘Oasis’ to win a huge sum of money and also a chance to take over the ownership of the virtual world by it’s deceased owner Mr.Haliday – or was he. Along the way, our heroes would need to fend off the evil corporate – IOI for the throne and this is where it leads to the final act of  a great battle of all the games’ avatars against the evil Mr.Sorento and his gang.

We were told in the original book by Ernest Cline, that the momentous battle between Mechagodzilla would be against Ultraman and not RX-78. How would that turn out, is anyone’s guess but THAT battle alone is worth the ticket price! The audience loved it so much that they clapped… yeah, clapped. However, both these characters will only be available for 3 minutes to do their stuff. So, I guess it’s either a laser sabre or a specium ray.

Overall, we enjoyed the movie so much that I don’t remember having seen anything that is so much fun and worthy for a long time. The closest is The Dark Knight Rises and The Last Jedi. One will leave the cinema with loads to talk about. We did.

Hope you will enjoy the show as much as we did. A simple but fun show to ease away the stresses of the week ahead. Sit back and ready to play!

Image courtesy of  http://www.space.ca

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Happy Thanksgiving 2018 from the Fresco team!

Screenshot (77).png

“St. Patrick’s Day is an enchanted time – a day to begin transforming winter’s dreams into summer’s magic.” -Adrienne Cook

Our friends from the western part of the world (Ireland to be precise) will be celebrating St.Patrick’s Day on the 17th March. Not much of a celebration here in Malaysia as this is seen as more of an excuse for a time out and drink session rather than the observance itself.

Nevertheless, to all my Irish tenants, notably Mark, we wish you and family a happy St. Patrick’s Day! *Still owe you the air-conditioning maintenance. ¯\_(”ꙭ,)/¯

Read more about the origin of St.Patrick here in Wikipedia: St.Patrick’s Day

Information courtesy of Wikipedia


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Happy Chinese New Year!! Year of the Doggy..

Screenshot (65).png

Hey, it’s almost 16th Feb 2018, which is the date of this year’s Chinese New Year! And this year, it’s the year of the Dog (one of the 12 zodiac animals in Chinese astrology).  All of us here in Aid Estates and Fresco team would like to take this opportunity to wish all our Chinese clients, partners, family & friends a very happy, joyous and healthy Chinese New Year 2018!

The Dog (狗) is one of the 12-year cycle of animals which appear in the Chinese zodiac related to the Chinese calendar. The Year of the Dog is associated with the Earthly Branch symbol 戌. The character 狗 refers to the actual animal while 戌 refers to the zodiac animal. – Wikipedia

This year, I’ll be travelling back to my hometown Ipoh with my family and will be around for a few days. It is a good time to catch up with family members and relatives over dinner and drinks. Probably a surprise visit to a friend’s home also on the cards.

Usually there’s nothing much for me to do during CNY. I’ll stick around with wifey and the boy and we’ll wander around Ipoh for food and probably catch a movie if there’s nothing on for us.

For those who are travelling up North or down South, do drive safe and keep your eyes on the road all the time. Sometimes, it is really better late than never.

As usual, many will look for good signs as well as bad ones to avoid this year and horoscopes for each zodiac animals will be a hit again. Head on to this fun site:  Chinese Horoscope 2018 – Lunar New Year of the Earth Dog for a quick check on your sign and look at others for compatibility.

Take care ya’ll! See you soon!


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Happy Thaipusam to my friends!

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Very soon we will reach 31st January and it’s none other than the celebration of Thaipusam for all my Indians friends! This year, the front image of the website shows 2 arm chair with a coffee table with coconut and a diya. It represents a peaceful and traditional celebration for everyone an may it brings prosperity along. Avid Estates & Fresco would like to wish them a happy Thaipusam 2018!

I’ve written a small article about the celebration a year ago. You can read it here:




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Ray’s birthday yo..

Hey Ray, Happy Birthday! Hope you don’t mind a small little cake, few close friends and some fake fries and burgers to go… heheheh..

Kinda crappy we forgot to take a group pic! Sigh.. too excited yo. But at least this round you get the whole pic for yourself.. nyeak!

Many happy return and keep up the good work! It’s certainly a privilege to have you as a friend. See you tomorrow for our badminton session. Take care buddy!

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Welcome 2018! We are all set for the journey…

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The Fresco & Avid Estates team would like to wish everyone a happy new year and welcome 2018! It has been a wonderful 2017 and a lot of stuff happened and done that year.  It’s a whole new year and it’s a good time to reflect and plan our next goal to achieve more. Love someone more especially ourselves, take ‘time’ more seriously and be always grateful and thankful for everything that we got.

For house-buyers, this may be a good year to start looking since the stamp duty cost remained the same and generally, home prices are not exactly escalating (so far). We have some really good bargain deals for those who are interested. For the would-be-tenants, we have really good and nice units to-let too. Head on to http://www.fresco.strikingly.com or https://kevinfoocy.iagent.my/default.aspx?p=Listings for more details!

Have a great and purposeful year ahead! Till next time, see ya.

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Nu Skin EcoSphere water purifier


Hey, what’s this? It’s the new water purifier system from NuSkin – ‘Ecosphere’! Just got the news earlier last week and went for the briefing about this newest addition to the NuSkin product family hot on the trail of the AgeLOC LumiSpa™. It will be mde available to all in January 2018.

Many of us have or may think of getting a water filter/purifier at some point but what are the main reasons and what are the factors at play that we want one? Generally, based on claims from certain quarters, Malaysia’s tap water is safe for consumption. But I doubt neither of us would want to quench our thirst straight from the pipe right? Why? Personally, I have a simple water filter at home and has been using it for like a couple of years.


We all know no matter how ‘clean’ the water is supplied to our homes, we would never want to consume it right away. Either we boil it or merely get a water filter to do the job efficiently. But do you know what is actually inside the water even after it is treated in the water-plant?

For starters we have these:

Heavy metals: Lead, Arsenic & Copper

Synthetic chemicals: Chlorine, Fluoride & Pesticides

Pollutants: Fuel, Sediment, Sewage & Rust

With the above substances inside our water, one would easily tell it’s not safe for consuming, well at least for long term. We all need something that works, cost-effective and also, something classy to work for us. Enter NuSkin EcoSphere Water Purifier! What is so special about this and what sets it apart?

The EcoSphere Water Purifier eliminates harmful toxins, chemicals, and other impurities from tap water to provide clean, safe drinking water for you and your family to drink healthy. Its i4 UltraPure Technology is representative of NuSkin’s commitment to superior water purification. It consists of intelligent 4-stage ultra purification technology that supports overall wellness and helps you avoid health risks by effectively eliminating 99.9999-percent of bacteria. This intelligent 4-stage ultra purification technology is superior to carbon block filters or even microfiltration. Hop over to https://www.nuskin.com/content/nuskin/en_SG/products/EcoSphere-Water-Purifier/about.html to read more about the product.

Ad-experienceFinally, if there’s something at home that I want and it’s efficient doing what it does, it has to be classy and minimalist. NuSkin never fail to offer its range of products that is not polished and elegant. The installation is simple and most of all, it wouldn’t look out of place anywhere in the kitchen or anywhere with  tap and power point.

At night, there’s even a luminous blue light emitting from the top and it is a most wonderful sight when you want to get a glass of total purified water in the dark. The faucet extension is also carefully and neatly designed for an uncomplicated look and use.

We can’t wait for the availability next year and while getting younger and healthier, we are also decorating our home with more and more stylish items from NuSkin. Offering someone we love the most there is to offer is the best gift we can bestow. Mom and Dad certainly need one of these!

Signing off. Until we owned one of these… cheers to a healthy and clean clear glass of water !

Images courtesy of Nuskin Enterprise and all related agents and parties involved.

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Star Wars : The Last Jedi is delightful!


Caught the movie on the opening night itself (14th Dec 2017) after feeling a little jaded from work earlier. The 3 of us caught the 10pm show as the little guy don’t have to go his holiday tuition the next day. And we didn’t know it’s a 2 1/2 hours show.  And what do we, or rather I think of the movie as a Star Wars fan? It was brilliant. But there’s a chapter where I think it’s a little unnecessary (or could be done in another way) which took the gas off a little. Mild spoilers ahead.


The opening scene is something what all Star Wars fan wanted, a space battle with Star Destroyers, X-wings, Tie-Fighters and some Rebellion bombers (MG-100 StarFortress SF-17). There is a new ship called the ‘Dreadnought’ (Mandator IV-class Siege Dreadnought) which is simply beautiful and deadly, only the screen time dampens it’s classiness. A movie like this should have a fast-paced opening scene to settle the expectation and this didn’t fail. Wonderfully shot and a little emotions was thrown in by the end of the 1st act.

Although the Luke-Rey piece sort of slowed down the approach somewhat but it gives the impression that the new Star Wars franchise do really want to focus more on character development rather than pure good-evil battle scenes. I enjoyed how the relationship unfolds and what is in store for Rey as well as Luke Skywalker after the latter lost all interest in reigniting the Force and the continuing the Jedi reform.

As mentioned earlier, the part where it is a little cumbersome and could be done slightly different is where Finn and Rose went about looking for a codebreaker in the planet Canto Bight. I personally don’t see any continuation of that part to the rest of what is happening in space. The casino and the Fathiers (the cow horse animal) scenes are probably there just to satisfy the franchise’s tradition of having strange creatures and space inhabitants to grace the show. Another setting would be more appropriate I guess. But hey, that’s just me.

The majestic throne room of Snoke

The part where the Rebellion is constantly pushing through various means of survival from the chasing First Order army and the tension that’s growing between Rey, Ren and Luke is one of the best approach to bring us to the final act. I was repeatedly asking when is the last frame of the movie and I was again and again brought to another setting and sequence to unravel the drama and it’s surprising and thrilling at the same time.

The battle of Crait

By the time we get to the battle of Crait, there is a slight flashback of Empire Strikes Back – Battle of Hoth anyone?. With the incoming walkers and defending Rebellion troops in a tight area waiting to buy time, yeah this feels like it. Good scene though but not entirely captivating. And Luke’s galaxy-spanning representation is one of the most mind-blowing thing about this movie. Although it’s a refreshing take on Jedi powers, but one just feel the ending of Luke Skywalker (at least in physical form) felt rushed.

The ending is subtle and paved a good foundation to the (final chapter?) of Star Wars in Episode 9. Will the opening scene again have the First Order hot on the Millennium Falcon’s tail or it’ll be told a few good years after the latest events where the Rebels has gain back their momentum and support from the rest of the galaxy? We’ll find out soon in Dec 2019. I want to, do you?

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Happy Thanksgiving guys!

Screenshot (69).png

It’s another year and it’s Thanksgiving (on the other side of the globe). We don’t really celebrate it here in Malaysia, so this is just a tribute to all my expats and foreign friends.  

Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday celebrated in Canada, the United States, some of the Caribbean islands, and Liberia. It began as a day of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceding year. Similarly named festival holidays occur in Germany and Japan.

Thanksgiving is celebrated on the second Monday of October in Canada and on the fourth Thursday of November in the United States, and around the same part of the year in other places. Although Thanksgiving has historical roots in religious and cultural traditions, it has long been celebrated as a secular holiday as well.


Read more from www.wikipedia.com for more Thanksgiving information. Also, please do our part and donate to keep the site alive!

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Mummy’s birthday!

A little late with this post as I’ve been running around lately. Nevertheless, it was 5th November, mum’s birthday! Happy birthday again mummy!

As usual, we had a simple dinner that night itself at our favourite restaurant in Sri Petaling  – Restoran Makanan Laut Soon Fatt. This place serves its food fast, big portioned and it’s delicious. Price wise, very reasonable indeed.  We had the sambal belacan kangkung (water spinach), pineapple pork ribs, spicy & sour banana leaf tilapia and the deep fried egg-fused cuttlefish. The whole meal cost less than RM100.

Once we’re done with the dinner, we headed straight home to do the cake cutting and our family photo (very simple and casual ones). We had the fruit and cream sponge butter cake. Adrian suggested we have a slightly different pose this round. The ‘dabbing’. It is pretty funny to see all of us doing that – but it turned out well and serve a good memory.

Mum had a surprise gift from us and Adrian did the wrapping and the deco. Wasn’t that shabby too. Look at the stick figures. Complete with initials. Since mum and dad go for morning walks, we decided to get her a nice Adidas Cloudfoam Galaxy 3 trainers.  We hope she liked it.


Just want to say that my mum hold a very special place in my life and we are equally happy and grateful to have celebrated another birthday with her. We love you, mum!