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Should we inform the house owners to de-clutter and tidy up the place before a viewing?

The answer is definitely YES! Not to the extent of staging but tidying up the place and make sure the house or apartment unit is easy on the eyes for buyers and tenants alike. No one likes to view a messy, stinky and cluttered space where they would call ‘home’ eventually.


It is fair to say that some of these owners are first time ‘offenders’ as they are not familiar with the selling and tenancy do & don’ts. Since it is their first time, these are probably the things that they may overlook. Not that it is a must to do so, but imagine yourself, as a tenant or buyer, viewing the house for the first time. A good impression is always the lasting image for these prospects. More often than not, you were greeted with a disorganized place where dirty clothes are scattered across the hall and bathrooms, books and glasses are everywhere, coffee stains and out of place sofa etc. to name a few. Would you even want to view on? Can you even begin to visualize that this is going to be your next home? I doubt it.

When I first started the real estate business, I wasn’t too concerned about such trivial request. Well, not that I practiced, informing my clients to begin with. To me, it is understood that they would try to get their units as presentable as possible to impress the potential tenants or buyers. I would. But it happened one time that me and my tenant ended up in messy, unkempt and musty house that the tenant, after less than 2 minutes of viewing, had to apologized to the owner and leave. She couldn’t take the stench and the state of the unit any longer. Embarrass I was.

After awhile, I tend to missed getting some landlords or house-owners to prepare the place for viewing. And a week ago, it happened. I was out the whole day bringing one of my prospect buyer looking for a house around Bangsar. I’ve arranged a few units and unfortunately, there was one that made the whole episode unpleasant.

I’ve never did a preview of the house before that and from the pictures that were sent to me by the owner, looked pretty decent. But when we got there.. oh, what horror! The moment we entered the house, the stench of cigarette smell is all over the place. It smelt like a pub than a house. Since the place is not exactly airy, made it worse. There were newspapers everywhere and also dirty mugs with coffee stains lying around the house. Dirty clothes are on the floor of the master bathroom. Can’t recall if there were underwear too. Sigh. Though there were not much he can do to some of those broken wooden doors, but at least clean it up a little to make it look more decent. Although the owner is a chatty and friendly chap, the impression of the house wasn’t that pleasing anymore. True enough, my tenant hurriedly viewed the house and we left without mentioning about it for the whole time.

But how do we do it? Would it offend the owners/landlords?

Well, if we are tactful and professional enough in our request, they are more than welcome to our suggestion about getting the place spruce up. Just inform them when is the viewing, a little background of the tenant/buyer, what are they expecting from the place and some guidelines form us agents about getting the place ready. Usually, if the place is frequently well managed, there isn’t much to do. However, most would need to clear the air of bad odors, de-clutter books, papers, boxes, electronic items and utensils, tidy up dirty linens, make the bed, and re-arrange the  furniture so that it looked neat. All these are to help the tenant/buyer to be able to visualize the place better and make them feel at home.

Explain to these landlords/owners that you would do the same to all your clients just to make sure you are able to position the property better and able to help them dispose the unit in the shortest time possible. Who wouldn’t agree to that eh?

So, the next time you arrange for viewings, do remember to give the landlord/owner a call 2 days earlier to prepare the place. The result of such simple gesture, sometimes, do make a lot of difference! Cheers!

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AFTER general election, the property market transactions to increase


We should always leave the predictions to property experts. So, who are the experts? Actually, most of us are property experts in our small way, especially those who stay in some not so popular areas. Haha. You would know exactly about new shop openings in your area. In fact when McDonald’s and a new bank branch opens, it will tell you that the population for the neighbourhood has grown to a good number. By the way, when many shops start to open one after another every few weeks or even months, you have bought at a really good potential area. Hold on to your unit and enjoy… By the way, when you see shops closing one after another and even the local bank branch is closing, it may also mean that they are not having sufficient support from the local population. May not be positive. 🙂  Oh yeah, coming back to our topic for the day; general election and the property market.

Reported in TheMalaysianReserve, Property consultancy firm Savills (M) Sdn Bhd  executive chairman Datuk Christopher Boyd said, “We have seen a lack of confidence in the market. I think there is an issue of affordability in the residential market, which has been overplayed. I feel very sure that once the general election is over, whatever the outcome would be, there will be increase in demand for the overall property market.”  (Positive statement)  Boyd went on to share that even when the market starts to pick up, the current excess unsold units in the market would prevent prices from suddenly explode. He said that developers would have to clear quite a number of units before any major price corrections could take place.

In the same article in TMR, Axis Real Estate Investment Trust Managers Bhd head of investment Siva Shanker says something similar. He said, “Everything is on track, but it looks a little bit quiet now because everyone is worried about the election.  Barring something really unfortunate, I think as soon as the election is over, the economy will kick-start and the sector will move along nicely. So, 2018 should see the start of a small recovery in the property sector.”  In terms of the future for the office market, Boyd shared that the demand for co-working spaces would mean a reposition of the supply and demand in the market. He said, “As time passes, co-working spaces will definitely spread out to the suburban areas, satellite offices, as well as other cities such as Penang, Johor Baru and Kuantan driven by the flexibility and lifestyle amenities, which would meet the youths’ current wants and needs.” Full article here for reference. 

I also think the property transactions should normalise (means growing slowly again) after the general election. Yes, just an hour ago, a friend said he is sure it will be end April 2018 or latest first week of May. I love his confidence. These few weeks, the actions from potential buyers have really reduced in intensity. In one bank property auction just last week, instead of the usual 20-30 bidders / guests like usual there were just 6 people in the auction hall. Actually, this may present an opportunity to all potential bidders in property auctions because every property may have just one bidder! So, one may get to buy the property at the reserve price which sometimes may already be 20 percent below market. Happy anticipating the actual election date announcement yeah. Yes, should be pretty soon.

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Attending iProperty invite event

Earlier this week, I’ve a chance to meet some industry ‘gurus’ in the form of AhYat Ishak and Charles Tan of The REN Warrior and KopiandProperty respectively courtesy of invite from iProperty. It was held in Mtree Hotel @ Puchong. It was a good exposure to some insights from these 2 speakers on the current real estate scene.

A little snapshot of Ahyat Ishak:

Ahyat Ishak first began property investing more than a decade ago and became a millionaire before the age of 30 despite his humble beginnings. Through his experience and learning from many successful property millionaires, he has discovered the REAL Wealth Formula™ and has also trademarked his Strategic Property Investor Model™, which is the framework for his highly acclaimed workshops, seminars and talks.

Ahyat Ishak is an international speaker who is active in the property investment speaking circuit, having spoken in Malaysia and abroad. He has graced the stage of Malaysia’s largest property events such as MAPEX, and PropertyGuru Expos, as well as platforms such as MAPIS (Malaysian Annual Property Investment Summit), MAPC (Malaysian Annual Property Conference) and MSI (Multiple Sources of Income) Summits.

Ahyat Ishak’s articles and interviews have appeared in The Star, New Straits Times ‘Real Estate & Decor’ pullout, Malay Mail’s ‘Get Real’ pullout and in other publications such as Property Insight, Property Hunter, Smart Investor Magazine, Property Times, Real Reserve and Real Estate Magazine (REM). He has appeared and hosted property shows on RTM, Capital TV of HyppTV, Bernama TV, TV AlHijrah and BFM 89.9 radio station, sharing his ideas on how to become a Strategic Property Investor.

Ahyat Ishak is also the founder of AhyatPropertyTV, a YouTube channel where he shares tips, strategies and his insights into the latest news and information on the property market in Malaysia and abroad. Ahyat Ishak has also received many invitations from local and international property developers for talks and consultation on investor trends, especially those of young investors.

Academically, Ahyat Ishak has an IT degree, as well as an MBA from the University of Southern Queensland (USQ), Australia, specializing in Strategic Marketing. He also holds the Certified Professional Trainers (CPT) qualification awarded by IPMA, UK. Professionally, he is an entrepreneur and is the executive director of his family’s group of companies, which he first joined in the 1990s. This group now has businesses ranging from services, technology and trading to food, agriculture and property investment.

I’m not familiar with Ahyat prior to his sharing that day. But the moment he started talking, you know very well this is an individual brimming with confidence and not one who is hesitant to share what he does best. From his credible knowledge in property investment to his presentation skills engaging with the audiences, he served a pretty good 1 1/2 hour session with us that day.

I liked his sharing of how he works with agents throughout his progress as an investor and a little about Malaysia’s current and past economic perspectives regarding real estate venture. He even recommended a few notable case study videos by Seth Godin, Simon Sinek, Grant Cardone and a few more.


He also came out with his new book – Pejuang Hartanah | 40 Pesanan Buat Pelabur Baru which loosely translate to Real Estate Warrior | 40 Advice for New Investors. For those who is fluent in Bahasa Melayu, this is quite a read.

The second speaker, Charles, is a serial blogger from This is a very good property blog. Loads of information and real estate related blogs are offer almost on a daily basis. Charles is very familiar with the property scene and while he is not a regular investor like Ahyat, he has been around long enough to understand how things work for agent, landlords, buyers and tenants.

A little snapshot of Charles Tan:

Charles Tan has written about property for many publications in Malaysia. He occasionally speaks at property events and is a property investor himself. He owns properties in a few different states in Malaysia. He has traveled to around 20 countries and blogs daily at, which is considered to be a leading independent property blog in Malaysia.


A cut-out from Property Insight Jan 2016

With ‘the common man’ style sharing, he is able to channel his observations and know-how of the industry to all levels in a simple yet engaging preso. It takes a very passionate individual to keep doing what he does on a regular basis.

He shared quite a few tips to us agents when doing our job and how to improve our service skills when engaging with our clients.

Overall, I have a pretty good vibe on the speakers and the venue. We had a buffet lunch together afterwards and mingled with some iProperty guys to know more what are the pipelines and upgrades in store for us. Although they are now leading the real estate portal scene, I’m sure they have more to offer in terms of how to position the market and giving us the agents more tools and weapons to capture the market.

Have a nice weekend ahead y’all!

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7 Tips to organize an effective open house & increase the closing rate of the property

The literal meaning of an open house is “a place or situation in which all visitors are welcome”. It is a period when sellers or real estate agents open their property to potential purchasers so that they can swing by and have a look at the property without any appointments. An open house is an ideal method of concentrating an extensive number of showings into a constrained period.

7 Tips for an Effective Open house

1. Select an Appropriate time

It is important to choose an appropriate time during which most people can visit your open house. Among the best times to organise open house are weekends and off-peak hours.

Preferably, an hour or two in the early afternoon would be effective in attracting visitors to the open house. It would also do good to provide limited time access to the open house as it will gather heavy traffic and develop more interest among the potential buyers and passers-by.

Raphael is a Real Estate Coach, Trainer & Entrepreneur

2. Cleaning and Repairing

It is highly necessary to clean your property before staging it for an open house.
Renovations, refurbishments and repairs to make it visually and functionally appealing will increase the market value of any property.

Dirty windows, stained walls and peeling paints off the walls will draw the attention of people and result in a negative impression. It is crucial to make a good first impression to keep the potential buyers attracted to the property.

Hence, hiring a cleaner, painter and plumber to make the necessary changes to the property will go a long way into making it attractive.

3. Illuminate your House

What can be more lovely and homely that sunlight streaming into your house? Draw the curtains and let the natural light in. This will increase the appeal of the house during open house as well as create an open and airy look.

On the other hand, if the open house is held in the evening or at night, it is wise to turn on all the lights in the house. This will enable you to showcase every part of the house properly.
Keep in mind to not turn on any appliance that creates noise since it will leave a bad impression on the visitors. Remove all vehicles from the driveway and keep the driveway clear.

4. Soothing Environment

It is important to create an environment that will be soothing and well-loved by the visitors. When it comes to home, many people would want it to be calming, soothing and energising.

Place fragrant flowers in beautiful arrangements at various corners of the house. Play slow and calming music in the background. These will create a soothing environment while buyers roam around and make decisions regarding the property.


5. Put up Signboards

Putting up signs in the vicinity of your house for the open house is one of the creative ways to attract large traffic. Apart from a big attractive signboard in front of your house, you should also put up signs with the necessary details at busy corners around your house. Make sure the board is filled with attractive colours and words to draw the attention of the public and passers-by.

6. Serve Snacks

It is crucial to extend warm hospitality to the visitors to make them feel at home during the open house. So depending on your budget, serve some refreshments and snacks. Set the dining table with the snacks and encourage the visitors to enjoy them. This would leave them in a good mood and create a feel-good vibe about the house.

7. Invite Neighbours

Next, do not forget to invite your neighbours to the house before opening it to the public. Call them for a private lunch or a party. Apart from strengthening the bond with them, this move will develop curiosity among the other neighbours and might result in increased number of visitors during the open house.

All the steps above will result in a successful open house and give a glimpse of the house to the visitors. It will also pique the interests of many others in the house. Consequently, the closing rate of the property can be increased.

The above article is contributed by real estate practitioner Raphael Wong.
*Raphael is a Real Estate Coach, Trainer & Entrepreneur. He is recognized as the authority on how to make big money through real estate agent business. In less than 3 years, he has built a 7 figure business through his business. Over the years, Raphael has refined his 7 step system that has influenced well over thousands real estate professionals to increase their wealth. His system has been regarded as the most strategic and innovative approach to growing a real estate empire.
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Factors that may affect the sale of your house

1 Undesirable surroundings

Property prices will be considerably lower if the house is located in a seedy neighbourhood with a bad reputation. Worse still if the house has weeds growing all over the lawn, rubbish is left uncollected, and the area has bad security ratings.

2 Lower prices of nearby houses

While sellers are free to set any asking price they want, property agents and valuers will often base the value of a house on the surrounding property prices. Buyers will do the same. If neighbouring houses fetch a lower price on average, the estimated worth of your house in the market will be affected.

3 Losing out from bad location

Connectivity, traffic, infrastructure and facilities in the area are important keys to unlocking the potential of your house as a potential good buy. For example, a house that is located too close to noise sources or far from a good educational institution will look less appealing to buyers.

4 Optimise the living spaces

While local buyers are slowly coming to terms with smaller living areas, space optimisation is still a big consideration. Bad space arrangement will turn away buyers while limited lighting will always be a minus.

 5 Bad structural integrity

If there’s a problem with the foundation of your house, having the best marble or stainless steel will not help you. Cautious buyers are weary of houses that need structural fixing because the cost is hard to measure.


The article was first published in Chinese in Property Trends e-mag.

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5 ways to rent out your property – fast

How else do you get your investment’s worth?

The occupancy rate for residential properties in Kuala Lumpur is relatively low, with a whooping 20,876 units that are completed and unsold recorded at the end of the first quarter of last year. Downward pressure on the economy, both locally and globally, is not helping to improve this phenomenon. Since occupancy rate is a key performance indicator of an investment property, as an investor it is crucial to have tenants occupying the property as frequently as possible.


Here are 5 ways you can make this happen:

1. Location

This is probably something you’ve already heard countless times – location, location, location. Although most people have heard this, it is quite surprising how little attention is paid to it. Of all the things you could do to rent your property out fast, this is probably the most difficult to change. You cannot change the location of your property, so it is important that you get this right when you decide to invest.

Some important location-related questions to ask before investing:

• Does the property have good connectivity vis-à-vis proper roads, highways, rail links, and bus routes?
• Is the property close to important amenities like school, hospital, banks, and commercial centers?
• Are there plenty of job opportunities near your property? The more jobs available or created near your property, the more demand there will be for housing.
• Is the property close to a good mall? Notice that shopping malls like Midvalley Megamall, The Curve, and One Utama have played pivotal roles in influencing the popularity of its surrounding neighborhood.
• What is the current occupancy rate in the neighborhood like? The above are what we call demand drivers. If there are strong demand drivers for a property, it will probably fare well in the rental market and appreciate handsomely.

2. Treat your property like a business

If you are in the business of letting out properties, then you should be doing it like a proper business. Quite a number of years ago I had a client who was unable to rent her property for over 6 months. When I had a look at the property I realised the reason was because the property was dusty and dirty. It had a musty, stale odor lingering inside and there were cobwebs everywhere – it looked dreadful.

I suggested that we clean up the whole apartment and stage it nicely. She was very reluctant so I offered to do it at my own cost (yes, I was full of zest then). I got the apartment thoroughly cleaned and washed, rearranged some of the furniture, put on bed sheets, and used a good air-freshener. The apartment finished result was amazing and  the owner was so impressed, she offered to change the curtains. I found a tenant for this apartment a week later.

People who treat their buy-to-let properties like a proper business never seem to have problems with finding tenants. Every cost that can improve occupancy is an investment to them, thus everything has to be calculated. However, be careful not to spend aimlessly and be prudent enough to balance revenue and costs.

3. Realistic rental rates

Realistic rental rates do not necessarily mean low rental rates. Rather, it means giving perceived value. What’s the difference between a Rolex and a Tissot? There may be clear differences in quality, but this difference in quality is not necessarily marked by an equal difference in price. The difference in price can be 100% to over 1,000%. Yet, people are willing to pay this huge difference for the brand. This is because consumers perceive the brand to be worth the price. So, while John can tell the time just fine with his Tissot, he would be happy to pay RM30,000 for a Rolex if he can afford it. And that really is how you should be thinking about rental price. Would a potential tenant see your property and perceive your asking price as reasonable?

In 2011 I visited a studio apartment in Damansara Perdana. It literally blew me away. The renovation was not expensive but the apartment was classy, functional, and cozy. You could tell that a lot of thought had gone into this apartment. The owner’s asking price was RM1,500. It was about 10%-15% higher but I had no doubt it was worth it. I think everyone who saw it thought the same. This apartment has never experienced occupancy problems. I’ve also never seen it advertised in any of the online property portals. This owner is getting a hot supply of leads and does not even need to advertise!

I have also visited apartments that barely impress but have significantly higher price tags than the average. Needless to say, these apartments are vacant longer than usual. You do not necessarily have to put in expensive furniture or make your property look like a page out of the Malaysian Tatler. You just need to be realistic.

4. A manageable number of RENS with good track records

Real Estate Negotiators (RENs) are perhaps your most important partners in the business of finding tenants. A good REN will have a strong network of clients (corporate and individual), advertises her listings in a frequent and consistent manner, is specialized in a particular area or genre and has a good soft skills.

The biggest mistake you can make is to appoint 50 random agents to rent out your property, more so in the high-end market. You will find yourself wasting a lot of time dealing with unqualified leads and too many distractions. You could inadvertently also create a price war as RENs advertise on the same channels. 50 RENs with little marketing skills will end up reducing price to secure the same pool of leads.

A better approach is to have 5-10 RENs with solid tack records for your type of properties. Interview the REN you would like to appoint and ask her about her client base, ask her for the number of properties she has let out in the last 12 months, ask to see some of her advertised listings, and observe her soft skills. Having manageable number of RENs with solid track records by your side is akin to having the Dream Team play basketball for you.

5. Creative models

Changes in technology have made renting out your property a lot easier. One of the most significant developments in this step is the rise of AirBnB. With AirBnB, you can list your property in less than 30 minutes and have it seen by literally millions of people around the world. You become a host to holidaymakers and business travellers. I have been hosting hundreds of people from all over the world for nearly 2 years now and the experience has been wonderful.

Written by Ikhram Merican for

Image courtesy of Harcourts International

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Our next 19 Perdana semi-detached units exclusive open house.. this Saturday 10th March 2018

Time for the next 19 Perdana units exclusive open house again! This is to do our best to wrap up the project and it’s remaining units available. With just another 6 units to go, we are planning to go out on a high! Visit us at Jalan Perdana 1/91B, Pandan Perdana this Saturday (tomorrow) 10th March 2018 from 10am to 4pm. See you there!

Open house 19 Perdana 10th March

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How do you handle a sudden cancellation of appointments and viewings?


Us agents deals a lot with unexpected last minute cancellations of appointments and viewings. Yes, cancellations – not postponement or rescheduling. Whether it’s an emergency or simply a call or text to inform that they can’t make it just hours away from the appointment, it is always a challenge for the agents to inform the owner/landlord in time. Even if we pulled it off successfully, it will leave a not-so-good impression afterwards. But how do we do it such that both the owner/landlord and the buyer/tenant feel less annoyed and we maintain our professionalism beyond that call?

We know that we will do our best to salvage the appointment/viewing even with the most outrageous of reason/excuse. But what is the best way to deal with it?

Make the call to the buyer/tenant. Yes, a CALL, if they texted you of their intention to cancel the appointment . Do not text or Whatsapp them in return. We know that ‘Whatsapping’ is way faster and popular but there is another use for it later. Call them to understand what happened and is there a way to reschedule it to another time or day. If there is no longer an interest to proceed, at least we know from the call and clear about it.  Next, call the owner/landlord to inform them about the cancellations. This will make us look more professional and accountable towards our dealings. Once we made the call, follow up immediately with a text or Whatsapp to both parties to document the communication so everyone is clear of what is happening, or what happened.

Many a time we are too uneasy or feeling dreadful about the cancellation and just want to deal with it the quickest way possible to avoid further clarification and disappointment. But one must remember, this is not the only appointment/viewing we will have. Also, it is pretty common in the business world that such events gets cancelled in many ways. We just have to take it and move forward. And the best way to do it – tactfully and promptly! That will sets us apart.

Personally, I’ve done both and I come to the conclusion that making that call to inform is the way to go. I hope that helps and may you be more relaxed of such cancellations. Happy hunting and remember, make that CALL!

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What do you think of North Kiara? Would you shift your interest over the other side of Mont’ Kiara?


More often than not, when mentioned Mont’ Kiara, it is mostly associated with high rise luxury condominiums and expensive penthouses and properties. Expatriates are most familiar with the area, and with its wide range of amenities and matured landscape, it’s easy to make a choice. However, since 10 years ago, Mont’ Kiara has outgrown its capacity. With every high rise apartment/condo built to accommodate demands, it’s running out of space and congestion is almost unbearable.

Everyone wants a piece of Mont’ Kiara but with the land drying up and prices are not as affordable as one would like, what are the alternative(s) for these people?

For tenants, it is merely a pick and choose situation as there are plenty of units available around the area but when it comes to price vs. building, they may have to think twice. Usually, older apartments comes with cheaper rental price and more simple furnishing. The ones in the middle category are those with the greater dilemma – those looking at around RM 3,000 +- rental per month. They wouldn’t want an old apartment that costs lower. Not that the money in view is a lot, but it is almost certain that it wouldn’t get them anything they are looking for and it is pretty rare a nice little unit is around for them to pick.

And usually, these units to-let are in the market for some time. As it goes, what started as a bare unit or partially furnished unit is now a fully furnished one. And it is again, almost certain that the landlord would increase the price a little in that aspect. Now, the tenant probably have a list of units that are older, pricier and fixed with some unwanted furniture (although some landlord could remove those not needed) to choose from. It is common that they take a longer time to view and choose and engaged with multiple agents to bring them around.

As for buyers, apart from some occasional fire sales or below market value units, anything that’s newer, well-kept and ‘investable’ costs about RM 700-800psf. And if you are talking about a 1,500 sqft apartment, that’ll set you around RM 1M to 1.2M. Although the market is slightly softer as we move in 2018, the price psf will still hover around that bracket and with bigger, newer and less costly units coming up around the other side of town, would they shift their sights?

North Kiara aka. Segambut stretch

Years ago, many would shy away when they were proposed something around that area. Couldn’t blame them. North Kiara or the Segambut area is not exactly what they have in mind when they speak of high-end living space. But technically, it is just a passage away from the fancy Mont’ Kiara proper. I was personally introduced to the location almost 15 years ago when I was looking around for a place and Mont’ Kiara is out of my league at that time and this was the next best thing. Question is, is it still, now?

For the past 5 years, there has been a-lot of activities around this part of town and newer condominiums sprouted with attractive prices and exciting layouts. The build quality and overall design is also comparable to the ones found in Mont’ Kiara. With the likes of Concerto, Anjali, Scenaria, Royalle, Verdana and 28 Dutamas holding the mantelpiece at the moment, there will be more coming up from this side of town to usher new homeowners to a location where they think is the next ‘place-to-be’.

The slightly reduced price psf for these developments mainly points to the fact that they are located at the less-affluent part of Segambut. But what will the future hold for this area in the next 5-10 years?

Just a mere 5 to 20mins away from its more illustrious neighbors, Segambut or North Kiara will no doubt rise to its potential. It’s just a matter of time. Old residential and undeveloped land will make way for its new projects and more and more home-buyers will definitely take notice of it soon.

Just a point to ponder. Many home-buyers within the next few years are more likely to opt for price over status. If living in a location with cheaper options and still within a stone-throw away to the superstar spot, would the answer be ‘why not’?

Let me know if you have any inquiry or simple looking for something in the above areas. I’ll be more than happy to be your guide. Cheers!

For a more detailed look at Segambut (North Kiara) transformation and it’s upcoming recognition as one of KL’s sought after location, please find the following article by PropertyInsight at

Image courtesy of Anjali of TAGO.