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Attending iProperty invite event

Earlier this week, I’ve a chance to meet some industry ‘gurus’ in the form of AhYat Ishak and Charles Tan of The REN Warrior and KopiandProperty respectively courtesy of invite from iProperty. It was held in Mtree Hotel @ Puchong. It was a good exposure to some insights from these 2 speakers on the current real estate scene.

A little snapshot of Ahyat Ishak:

Ahyat Ishak first began property investing more than a decade ago and became a millionaire before the age of 30 despite his humble beginnings. Through his experience and learning from many successful property millionaires, he has discovered the REAL Wealth Formula™ and has also trademarked his Strategic Property Investor Model™, which is the framework for his highly acclaimed workshops, seminars and talks.

Ahyat Ishak is an international speaker who is active in the property investment speaking circuit, having spoken in Malaysia and abroad. He has graced the stage of Malaysia’s largest property events such as MAPEX, and PropertyGuru Expos, as well as platforms such as MAPIS (Malaysian Annual Property Investment Summit), MAPC (Malaysian Annual Property Conference) and MSI (Multiple Sources of Income) Summits.

Ahyat Ishak’s articles and interviews have appeared in The Star, New Straits Times ‘Real Estate & Decor’ pullout, Malay Mail’s ‘Get Real’ pullout and in other publications such as Property Insight, Property Hunter, Smart Investor Magazine, Property Times, Real Reserve and Real Estate Magazine (REM). He has appeared and hosted property shows on RTM, Capital TV of HyppTV, Bernama TV, TV AlHijrah and BFM 89.9 radio station, sharing his ideas on how to become a Strategic Property Investor.

Ahyat Ishak is also the founder of AhyatPropertyTV, a YouTube channel where he shares tips, strategies and his insights into the latest news and information on the property market in Malaysia and abroad. Ahyat Ishak has also received many invitations from local and international property developers for talks and consultation on investor trends, especially those of young investors.

Academically, Ahyat Ishak has an IT degree, as well as an MBA from the University of Southern Queensland (USQ), Australia, specializing in Strategic Marketing. He also holds the Certified Professional Trainers (CPT) qualification awarded by IPMA, UK. Professionally, he is an entrepreneur and is the executive director of his family’s group of companies, which he first joined in the 1990s. This group now has businesses ranging from services, technology and trading to food, agriculture and property investment.

I’m not familiar with Ahyat prior to his sharing that day. But the moment he started talking, you know very well this is an individual brimming with confidence and not one who is hesitant to share what he does best. From his credible knowledge in property investment to his presentation skills engaging with the audiences, he served a pretty good 1 1/2 hour session with us that day.

I liked his sharing of how he works with agents throughout his progress as an investor and a little about Malaysia’s current and past economic perspectives regarding real estate venture. He even recommended a few notable case study videos by Seth Godin, Simon Sinek, Grant Cardone and a few more.


He also came out with his new book – Pejuang Hartanah | 40 Pesanan Buat Pelabur Baru which loosely translate to Real Estate Warrior | 40 Advice for New Investors. For those who is fluent in Bahasa Melayu, this is quite a read.

The second speaker, Charles, is a serial blogger from This is a very good property blog. Loads of information and real estate related blogs are offer almost on a daily basis. Charles is very familiar with the property scene and while he is not a regular investor like Ahyat, he has been around long enough to understand how things work for agent, landlords, buyers and tenants.

A little snapshot of Charles Tan:

Charles Tan has written about property for many publications in Malaysia. He occasionally speaks at property events and is a property investor himself. He owns properties in a few different states in Malaysia. He has traveled to around 20 countries and blogs daily at, which is considered to be a leading independent property blog in Malaysia.


A cut-out from Property Insight Jan 2016

With ‘the common man’ style sharing, he is able to channel his observations and know-how of the industry to all levels in a simple yet engaging preso. It takes a very passionate individual to keep doing what he does on a regular basis.

He shared quite a few tips to us agents when doing our job and how to improve our service skills when engaging with our clients.

Overall, I have a pretty good vibe on the speakers and the venue. We had a buffet lunch together afterwards and mingled with some iProperty guys to know more what are the pipelines and upgrades in store for us. Although they are now leading the real estate portal scene, I’m sure they have more to offer in terms of how to position the market and giving us the agents more tools and weapons to capture the market.

Have a nice weekend ahead y’all!

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Post Hari Raya celebration @ Avid office

Thank you Naz! We had a wonderful and *burp* sumptuous lunch yesterday and the day before, courtesy of Naz, our beloved snr. agent/lecturer/tutor/mommy/buddy/caterer.  It was supposed to be just a simple post, Hari Raya lunch date with the team but turned out the meal was more and extravagant than expected.

The meal started right off our monthly meeting around noon time all the way till late evening. Most of the Avidians turned up and had a blast. Obviously, the food was way over-ordered/prepared and everyone had more than what they ‘officially’ could.

There was biriyani rice with chicken and mutton, marvellous beef, mutton and chicken pies, nasi lemak with deliciously home-made prawn sambal, pavlova, baklava, eclairs, salted caramel apple pie, chocolate creme cake and of course, wine and sake to go with those!

The real estate market is still recovering but to make it through the difficult times, more often than not, we need to be with motivated and goal oriented individuals to push through. We don’t do this alone. Fill your daily labour with happiness and hope.  This is where you detached yourself from the negatives and the downside of the society.

Avid Estates may not be on the forefront in terms of real estate popularity and the deals it closes. But the togetherness and professionalism from the team more than make-up for it.  This is not a one man show nor it is a battle that needs to be victorious every time. It is about a war that needs to be won thru friendship and dedication.

Form is temporary, class is permanent.


Mini birthday get-together for Ray!

Another week, another birthday! This round it’s for our most-eligible bachelor, Ray! Had a great night at Sid’s (again) with the rest of the team. Darryl brought an awesome super rich chocolate cake (could be softer) and we had a few rounds of beer and liquor with some snacks before heading to our karaoke fix at Bangsar.


Some of the lads can’t make it that night. No worries, we drank and ate for you!

Happy birthday to you buddy Ray! All the best wishes for 2017 and keep rolling!