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Nu Skin EcoSphere water purifier


Hey, what’s this? It’s the new water purifier system from NuSkin – ‘Ecosphere’! Just got the news earlier last week and went for the briefing about this newest addition to the NuSkin product family hot on the trail of the AgeLOC LumiSpa™. It will be mde available to all in January 2018.

Many of us have or may think of getting a water filter/purifier at some point but what are the main reasons and what are the factors at play that we want one? Generally, based on claims from certain quarters, Malaysia’s tap water is safe for consumption. But I doubt neither of us would want to quench our thirst straight from the pipe right? Why? Personally, I have a simple water filter at home and has been using it for like a couple of years.


We all know no matter how ‘clean’ the water is supplied to our homes, we would never want to consume it right away. Either we boil it or merely get a water filter to do the job efficiently. But do you know what is actually inside the water even after it is treated in the water-plant?

For starters we have these:

Heavy metals: Lead, Arsenic & Copper

Synthetic chemicals: Chlorine, Fluoride & Pesticides

Pollutants: Fuel, Sediment, Sewage & Rust

With the above substances inside our water, one would easily tell it’s not safe for consuming, well at least for long term. We all need something that works, cost-effective and also, something classy to work for us. Enter NuSkin EcoSphere Water Purifier! What is so special about this and what sets it apart?

The EcoSphere Water Purifier eliminates harmful toxins, chemicals, and other impurities from tap water to provide clean, safe drinking water for you and your family to drink healthy. Its i4 UltraPure Technology is representative of NuSkin’s commitment to superior water purification. It consists of intelligent 4-stage ultra purification technology that supports overall wellness and helps you avoid health risks by effectively eliminating 99.9999-percent of bacteria. This intelligent 4-stage ultra purification technology is superior to carbon block filters or even microfiltration. Hop over to https://www.nuskin.com/content/nuskin/en_SG/products/EcoSphere-Water-Purifier/about.html to read more about the product.

Ad-experienceFinally, if there’s something at home that I want and it’s efficient doing what it does, it has to be classy and minimalist. NuSkin never fail to offer its range of products that is not polished and elegant. The installation is simple and most of all, it wouldn’t look out of place anywhere in the kitchen or anywhere with  tap and power point.

At night, there’s even a luminous blue light emitting from the top and it is a most wonderful sight when you want to get a glass of total purified water in the dark. The faucet extension is also carefully and neatly designed for an uncomplicated look and use.

We can’t wait for the availability next year and while getting younger and healthier, we are also decorating our home with more and more stylish items from NuSkin. Offering someone we love the most there is to offer is the best gift we can bestow. Mom and Dad certainly need one of these!

Signing off. Until we owned one of these… cheers to a healthy and clean clear glass of water !

Images courtesy of Nuskin Enterprise and all related agents and parties involved.

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Post Hari Raya celebration @ Avid office

Thank you Naz! We had a wonderful and *burp* sumptuous lunch yesterday and the day before, courtesy of Naz, our beloved snr. agent/lecturer/tutor/mommy/buddy/caterer.  It was supposed to be just a simple post, Hari Raya lunch date with the team but turned out the meal was more and extravagant than expected.

The meal started right off our monthly meeting around noon time all the way till late evening. Most of the Avidians turned up and had a blast. Obviously, the food was way over-ordered/prepared and everyone had more than what they ‘officially’ could.

There was biriyani rice with chicken and mutton, marvellous beef, mutton and chicken pies, nasi lemak with deliciously home-made prawn sambal, pavlova, baklava, eclairs, salted caramel apple pie, chocolate creme cake and of course, wine and sake to go with those!

The real estate market is still recovering but to make it through the difficult times, more often than not, we need to be with motivated and goal oriented individuals to push through. We don’t do this alone. Fill your daily labour with happiness and hope.  This is where you detached yourself from the negatives and the downside of the society.

Avid Estates may not be on the forefront in terms of real estate popularity and the deals it closes. But the togetherness and professionalism from the team more than make-up for it.  This is not a one man show nor it is a battle that needs to be victorious every time. It is about a war that needs to be won thru friendship and dedication.

Form is temporary, class is permanent.

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DJI Osmo Mobile – capturing the best real estate tour video

Was having a drink last night at Sid’s when Ray and his friend Kevin (yup), suddenly came up to us with a nifty gadget. But it didn’t surprise me that much at first. It felt like something I’ve known all along. But after meddling with it for a while and also after much input from the bunch, it dawned on me that this is the perfect tool to take my listing presentation to another level.


I’ve tried, on several occasions to capture my home presentations on video with my mobile. However, all of it turned out horrible. That’s why none of it made it here.

The gadget, I can’t recall (actually, I forgot to notice) the brand. Not sure if it’s the Osmo Mobile or the Vimble S or something else similar. They looked almost the same although DJI’s Osmo feels a little polished. The grip was good and the navi-button feels almost like the ones from PS’s.


What does it do? Well, for starters, this little gadget holds your phone (preferably iPhone although it supports both iOS and Android), like a selfie stick. Then, you start to move around taking pictures or videos – without the faintest worry about shaky pics and vids. The holder comes with a 3-axis stabilization mechanism that will keep your phone steady.

Osmo Mobile turns your smartphone into a smart motion camera, making every moment you shoot look smooth, professional and ready to share. Shoot cinematic videos anytime, or use its intelligent functions to track your subject, capture stunning motion timelapses or even stream a moment live around the globe.

Since I’m not doing an out-and-out review of the gadget, I just want to point out a couple of its features that we estate agents could use to improve our listing presentations either with pictures or videos. Imagine having a shake-free video with an extremely good 330˚panoramic capability to capture those glorious corners of the house. Its Panorama function automatically captures and blends 9 separate photos together to create one stunning photo. ‘Stitching’ to me…

Since we can’t afford a drone as yet, we are planning to get this for the company and use it to level up our presentations. Everyone is going 360 and VR nowadays, let’s get this started and roll along the way as we go. See where technology bring us to…

See what it can do to your real estate video! The following video was shot using the DJI Osmo X3 (the non-mobile version) and Adobe CS6 editing. The owner of the video is Roley Chiu from Canada.

You can follow his channel at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt_wCP5Q_I4mGgUDGSB_AYA


Images and videos courtesy of DJI and Roley Chiu


Mini birthday get-together for Ray!

Another week, another birthday! This round it’s for our most-eligible bachelor, Ray! Had a great night at Sid’s (again) with the rest of the team. Darryl brought an awesome super rich chocolate cake (could be softer) and we had a few rounds of beer and liquor with some snacks before heading to our karaoke fix at Bangsar.


Some of the lads can’t make it that night. No worries, we drank and ate for you!

Happy birthday to you buddy Ray! All the best wishes for 2017 and keep rolling!


A winner at the start of 2017! This gotta be good.


Thanks to iProperty for handing these AEON cash vouchers (RM100) to me as a token of appreciation for participating the iProperty.com Malaysia People’s Choice Awards 2016 online voting campaign which was held from Oct 12th to Nov 14th, 2016 last year. Not much, but passed it to my parents as a little gift for them to have a quick stroll at Jusco and buy some ‘snacks’ during the weekends! Haha.. (that’s what you’ll get for RM100 nowadays in Malaysia.)

 What a great start to the new year of 2017!

To all the winners, congratulations and all the best to your future ventures and undertakings.

*Special thanks for Diana Zulkifli for arranging the vouchers to me

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StarPark Thanksgiving Concert with Sabrina & family

It’s that time of year again where everyone and everywhere is filling the space with the Christmas feel. It’s a couple of weeks early this time for us as we joined Sabrina and family to this weekend’s event – ‘StarPark 7th Anniversary Thanksgiving Celebration’. The concert consists mainly local artists and performers who are also part of the Christian community.

We enjoyed the show. Mostly songs turned skits where the main theme is Faith, Hope and Love. The chubby ladies certainly turned it their night, though..

Happy Thanksgiving guys! Cheers!


Exclusive invitation to view LUMI Tropicana on 10th Dec 2016

Dear clients/family/members of the public, we proudly extend this invite to introduce the latest addition to our exclusive lifestyle condominiums, the LUMI Tropicana. Please make yourself available on the 10th Dec 2016 and make a date with us to witness the grandeur and unique presentation of the LUMI collections. The event will run from 11am to 4pm with light refreshments.

Bring along your friends and family and those looking for a future home that worth investing for. Come and see for yourself why this is should be your next home!

See you guys there! Call or WhatsApp me @ +60123262318.