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Ray’s birthday yo..

Hey Ray, Happy Birthday! Hope you don’t mind a small little cake, few close friends and some fake fries and burgers to go… heheheh..

Kinda crappy we forgot to take a group pic! Sigh.. too excited yo. But at least this round you get the whole pic for yourself.. nyeak!

Many happy return and keep up the good work! It’s certainly a privilege to have you as a friend. See you tomorrow for our badminton session. Take care buddy!

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Thor: Ragnarok with my bosses


This is a hilarious show. To be honest, we weren’t expecting to have so many jokes (regular & slightly dirty ones too) in a Marvel movie. There’s one with Dr.Banner (Mark Ruffalo) which is my favourite. I’ll share it at the end of the post later.

The show is about 2 1/2 hours long but didn’t feel like it as there were enough going-on along the plot to keep it entertaining throughout. The movie warmed up quickly from the get-go where Thor fights Surtur (giant fire demon), his legion of demons and also his fire dragon. I think this is the best way to start any superhero based movie because this is what we… want… to… see!

The intensity subsides a little when Thor and Loki found Odin who then told them about an impending apocalypse in the form of Hela (Asgardian goddess of death). Another Marvel character made his appearance here. Watch to find out who it is. The moment Hela is brought to Asgard, the kill count increases and the theme gets a little darker. But to me, she is an amazing villain and they made the headgear look so cool! For a dark character, Hela did make a few jokes here and there while delivering her pre-Ragnarok executions throughout the movie.

The real fun starts when Thor is thrown into a barren world called Sakaar. This place pretty reminds me of all those space-themed movies especially Fifth Element and Star Wars – to a certain degree. It has that epic yet well-designed surroundings and interesting inhabitants. Sometimes, with the colourful settings, it does feel a little like Candy Crush too. And this where they introduced us the alcoholic Valkyrie, the Grandmaster, Korg and the much-beloved Hulk.

I have to say the gladiatorial fight between Thor and Hulk is one of the best after Iron Man’s Hulkbuster scene. But I do notice that they rendered the Hulk differently from time to time, especially during his more mellow look. Not that it matters but a little inconsistent. And he is funnier when transformed back to Dr.Banner. The Valkyrie backstory is one of the coolest and I thought they would play that Hela battle scene a little longer. Adrian loved the pegasuses…

Once the group got back to Asgard, things get messy and as usual, the heroes battle hordes of baddies and finally the big baddie herself. As mentioned, there are few funny scenes here and there but the one that stuck out most for me is the scene where they were mentioning about forming a team call Revengers and how they wanted revenge. Then when Dr.Banner was asked the same, he said – ‘err, actually I’ve not decided yet’. The scene is almost spontaneous and so close to an NG shot. Hilarious.

The flow of the story is pretty neat and tidy. Not shifting here and there too much. The introduction of Hela’s Fenris Wolf felt a little rush though. Probably not too important a character here, hence the quick resurrection scene and a minute’s fight with the Hulk. In the end, everything is settled and Thor regained his rightful place on the throne and the movie ends with a post-credit scene #1 when their spaceship was stopped in the middle of space by a gigantic space vessel. My guess it’s this guy –

thanos1We loved the movie and thought the Thor franchise is getting better and ready to rival the others if it keeps going like this. Sometimes, it would be good to inject more humour in these kinds of shows rather than just plain fighting with serious undertones all the way. Let’s see if DC is any better with the upcoming Justice League. Ciao!

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Post Hari Raya celebration @ Avid office

Thank you Naz! We had a wonderful and *burp* sumptuous lunch yesterday and the day before, courtesy of Naz, our beloved snr. agent/lecturer/tutor/mommy/buddy/caterer.  It was supposed to be just a simple post, Hari Raya lunch date with the team but turned out the meal was more and extravagant than expected.

The meal started right off our monthly meeting around noon time all the way till late evening. Most of the Avidians turned up and had a blast. Obviously, the food was way over-ordered/prepared and everyone had more than what they ‘officially’ could.

There was biriyani rice with chicken and mutton, marvellous beef, mutton and chicken pies, nasi lemak with deliciously home-made prawn sambal, pavlova, baklava, eclairs, salted caramel apple pie, chocolate creme cake and of course, wine and sake to go with those!

The real estate market is still recovering but to make it through the difficult times, more often than not, we need to be with motivated and goal oriented individuals to push through. We don’t do this alone. Fill your daily labour with happiness and hope.  This is where you detached yourself from the negatives and the downside of the society.

Avid Estates may not be on the forefront in terms of real estate popularity and the deals it closes. But the togetherness and professionalism from the team more than make-up for it.  This is not a one man show nor it is a battle that needs to be victorious every time. It is about a war that needs to be won thru friendship and dedication.

Form is temporary, class is permanent.

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Food, food everywhere

Hey guys. It has been awhile since my last post here. Been busy with everything and nothing super duper cool happened for the past couple of weeks. But looking at the title, you know I’ve something to share about food.

Yes, a few of us Avidians had this for lunch a few days back and it wasn’t easy to gather like this with us agents running around looking for biz during lunch hour. But this is where we ended up –  The Ganga Cafe @ Taman Bukit Pantai, Bangsar.


This is actually a vegetarian outlet but one look at the menu and the food displayed, you wouldn’t even notice and the food is so delicious and those mock meats taste almost…almost like the real thing!

If you look at the 4th picture, the Mutton Nasi Lemak, which I had, it tasted really good and the ‘vege-mutton’ taste like- well, mutton! The coconut milk-rice is so fragrant and milky, you don’t feel like finishing it.

The Maggi Goreng and Nasi Goreng Ganga looked spicy not only on the outside, it tasted fiery on the inside as well. But this plate of Maggi Goreng can put shame to those of your regular mamaks’. The Nasi Goreng is cooked almost the same way but with a little ‘mock meat’ thrown into it! The portion is also pretty good for it’s price.

The Naan and Bathura is also something you should try here. Not only the breads are fresh and tasty, the side dishes and its condiments compliment it nicely.

One particular dish, I had to mentioned. You see the greenish dish with white dabs? That’s the Saag Paneer. Saag Paneer is a classic Indian dish of cooked spinach studded with cubes of fried Paneer cheese, thickened with cream or coconut milk. This is one of the best dish from Ganga Cafe. It was introduced to me by my fellow colleagues and my, it doesn’t looked appetizing but it sure taste good!

We will end up here quite often especially when we crave for India vegetarian food. Who knows, you might catch us there during lunch time. We could be the loudest and most happening bunch there! Haha…

Hop over to Ganga Cafe for a treat if you’re somewhere in Bangsar.

The address:

19 Lorong Kurau, Bangsar
59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The Ganga Cafe logo is courtesy of The Ganga Cafe Vegetarian Cuisine @ Bangsar